TUNE Qualification Program FAQ

For questions and feedback, contact training@tune.com

How do I login?

If you have created a TUNE Academy account, simply click “Register” for the assessment you want to take and use the same credentials to login. Forgot your password? Click here to reset.

If you have not created a TUNE Academy account, click “Register” for the assessment you want to take and then click the “Sign Up” tab to create an account.

Where's my badge?

Your badge will be emailed to you upon successful completion of an assessment. This email could take up to one hour to arrive in your inbox.

  • The email will come from training@tune.com via a third-party. Check your SPAM filter and be sure you are able to receive emails from this address.
  • The address used to send the badge is the address used to signup for the Qualification Assessment (and / or TUNE Academy).

If you do not receive your badge or need to have the invitation re-sent, email training@tune.com or open a support ticket and we will re-send the invitation.

Does my badge expire?

Your badge will not expire! However, to keep up with the updates to the product and the industry, new editions of the assessments will be rolled out bi-annually. Keep your qualifications current by taking the updated assessment.

You will be notified each time a new version is released.

I've lost the email. How can I claim my badge?

TUNE uses a third-party service, Basno, to deliver and manage the digital badge. Visit www.basno.com and enter the email address you used to register for the qualification assessment and the password you created when retrieving your badge the first time.

Don’t remember your credentials? Click “Forgot password” to reset your password.

The assessment won't load.

All Qualification Program assessments are published using HTML5 and should be accessible on all web browsers, however they are not optimized for mobile (though you can still access them on your mobile device).

Who is Basno and why are they emailing me?

TUNE has partnered up with Basno, a digital badge service, to administer and maintain the badges awarded to users. Users claim their badge and become an agent of their own credentials; the recipient can take the badge with them and share it as they see fit.

Basno also acts as a validation service, so people who click on a badge can validate the recipient.