Working with Universal Links

There are multiple mobile deep linking protocols in use today, so we’ll use the term “universal links” generally in this article. In short, universal links can work seamlessly across mobile apps and the web, on all operating systems and devices, and they can send users to specific pages in your app or website for an optimal mobile experience.

Due to their unique technical requirements, universal links must be handled differently when using them alongside TUNE. Our standard click tracking method involves redirecting the user through a tracking domain, which is not compatible with universal links. To remedy this, we’ve partnered with the top Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) to make linking simple.

Configuring Universal Links

To configure your offer for universal links, select your Universal Link Platform from the menu in the Links section when creating your offer.

Universal Link Platform menu

Once a universal link platform is selected for a given offer, tracking links for that offer will be generated in the proper format throughout TUNE and in the Affiliate API.

Supported Universal Link Platforms


When using Branch as your link platform, the universal link will send the user straight to the best possible destination (as configured in Branch). Simultaneously, Branch fires a parallel tracking “click” request to the specified affiliate URL, following the redirect chain until the destination is reached. At the end of the destination chain, it stores the parameters (including transaction_id) for use in conversion postbacks.

Universal Links with Branch

Branch Universal Link Format

Branch universal links work by appending a URL-encoded TUNE tracking link to a Branch ad link using the “$affiliate_url” parameter. Here is an example link: