Working with Atlas for Tracking

For offers using Atlas tracking links (using the domain) as an offer URL, you will need to include a small workaround for Atlas to properly redirect the offer.

The Issue: Atlas uses semicolons (;) in their tracking links, which interferes with embedded URLs that also use semicolons such as ours.

How to Solve This: Use partner sub IDs to substitute this special character in the offer URL. This takes two steps.

Step One: Take your Atlas tracking link, and replace all of the semicolons in the link with {aff_sub5}, like so:;adv=12345;adv.a=12345;c.a=7016499;p.a=12345;a.a=1234567;s.a=1343?h=


After replacing all of the semicolons with span {aff_sub5}.

Step Two: Add &aff_sub5=; to the end of your TUNE tracking link, like so:;