Working with Volusion

Sales integration with Volusion is made by placing a conversion tracking pixel into the order confirmation page.

Set Up Offer in TUNE

Set up the offer in your TUNE network to use the HTTPS iframe attribution method. After creating the offer, you need to view the tracking pixel. On the offer’s page, click the Tracking button in the Details panel. Take the URL from the iframe pixel code and include it on the confirmation page.

Log in to Volusion Admin Console

Log in to your Volusion Admin Console, then go to Design > Site Content (or Website Text in V5). Find article ID 130 and click the article ID number to edit the content.

Note: It’s possible that the article may not be ID 130 in your store. If so, use Search to find the article where the “SpotKey” is ROI_Javascripts.

Integrate Pixel

First, enter or paste the following web script into the Article Body field:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
  document.write('<iframe src="http://DOMAIN/aff_l?offer_id=OFFER_ID&amount=' + Order[2] + '&adv_sub=' + Order[0] + '" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width=1 height=1></iframe>');
// ]]></script>

Then update the code above such that DOMAIN is the domain for your TUNE network and OFFER_ID is the ID of the offer in your TUNE network.

In the code above, we reference “Order[2]” and “Order[0]”. These are values provided by the Volusion system representing data about the order that has been committed. In the above example, Payment Amount (“Order[2]”) is passed into the “amount” parameter which will be recorded as your revenue when your offer is set up with a Revenue Type of Revenue Per Sale (RPS). For tracking purposes, we recommend passing Order ID (“Order[0]”) into the “adv_sub” parameter. This allows you to track a sale back to the associated conversion.

You can also include other information available in the order array:

  • Order[0] = Order ID
  • Order[1] = Unused
  • Order[2] = Payment Amount
  • Order[3] = Partner Commisionable Value
  • Order[4] = Sales Tax
  • Order[5] = Total Shipping Cost
  • Order[6] = Billing City
  • Order[7] = Billing State
  • Order[8] = Billing Country

Once you’re finished, click Save. Additional information can be found on the Volusion support site.