Working with Tracking202

Server-to-Server tracking is becoming increasingly important as more Do Not Track regulations are enforced, specifically around the usage of cookies. Server to Server, or Server Postback tracking, uses a unique identifier for each click that is stored on your tracking engines server. This unique identifier contains any/all information that would normally be stored in a cookie, so when the user converts, the identifier is returned to the server and correlates the correct click to the conversion. Tracking202 uses the tag [[subid]] to generate this unique identifier.

Partners using Tracking202 can structure their campaigns to pass the unique identifier [[subid]] through to TUNE tracking links. The actual value for [[subid]] is generated by Tracking202’s servers upon redirect, and is a unique value on each click which should be passed into the TUNE tracking link.

As your partners are pulling your their tracking link from your TUNE network, they will need to add the [[subid]] as an “&aff_sub=[[subid]]” value in their tracking link. This way, TUNE can pass that value back on conversion, and Tracking202 will recognize the value and register a conversion.

When your partners are setting up their Campaign in Tracking202, they are asked to place a partner URL. They will want to copy and paste the TUNE tracking link exactly as it is displayed above.

This is how it should appear in the Partners Tracking202 account:

Once they have saved their Campaign in Tracking202, the partner will navigate to the “Get Postback/Pixel” section of the Tracking202 setup.

The partner can load the postback from Tracking202 on the Offer page within TUNE. They will need to make sure and select “Postback URL” as the Type, and insert the appropriate tags as displayed below.

As a Partner Manager or Network Operator, you can place a global postback for your partner by selecting “All Offers” from the drop down. If you go this route, make sure that your partner has followed the tracking link instructions each time they setup a new Campaign in Tracking202. You will not need to add a postback on each campaign in TUNE if you have placed the Postback for “All Offers”.

To Test that the values are passing correctly, you should use the Test functionality by clicking on “Test” from the Conversion Pixels/URL section under the ” Partners” tab. You will need your partner’s Tracking202 link that they will use in production, so the correct [[subid]] values are passed from Tracking202 to TUNE.

Here is an example of the Test page within the TUNE Partner Managers view:

It is pertinant that network have your tracking link from Tracking202 to perform this test.

Once you have gone through these steps, a conversion should be logged in TUNE, and within your partner’s Tracking202 account.