Tracking Mobile App Events Using Offer Goals

Mobile app advertisers may track payouts for various events: installs, opens, registrations, purchases, and other moments they’re interested in. Using your TUNE platform, you can track these events with offer goals.

Creating Goals for Mobile App Events

Start by enabling offer goals for your offer. On your offer’s page, find the Payout panel and click Edit. In the Goals section of the page that appears, set Multiple Conversion Goals to “Enabled”.

Name your default goal according to the first mobile app event you want to track. This event is typically named “Install”. Click Save once you’re finished.

Tip: The first event for advertisers using Attribution Analytics is always “Install”.

Now you can create an additional goal for each event you need to record. Do so from the offer Payout panel by clicking Add Goal. Set each goal’s Conversion Tracking setting to “Server Postback w/ Transaction ID”.

Once you’ve finished, your offer’s goals should look something like this:


This example could correspond to a network promoting a mobile game, where the advertiser offers CPS payout for in-app purchases as well as CPA for the install.

Once your offer goals are established, you can pass the postback URL for each goal to your advertiser. To get the postback URL for each goal, go to the offer’s Payout panel and click the name of the goal or View.

Hooking Goals into Attribution Analytics Events

After following the steps above and in our article on working with Attribution Analytics, you’re ready to do the final connection with Attribution Analytics. For each mobile app event and corresponding goal, provide your advertiser with the postback URL for that event.

Your advertiser can then add your event-specific postback URLs in Attribution Analytics. Depending on their needs, they can modify your postback URL to account for:

Events Paying Per Action: Replace the transaction_id parameter value with {publisher_ref_id}

Events Paying Percentage of Sale: Replace the transaction_id parameter value with {publisher_ref_id} and also replace the amount parameter value {revenue}. For example:{publisher_ref_id}&amount={revenue}

Reporting in TUNE

In your TUNE reports, events being triggered from an advertiser’s offers are displayed in the Goal column:


Entries with blank goals indicate the default goal—in this instance, the initial app install.

Simplified Postbacks

Your advertisers may want to perform postback notifications that aren’t specific to a platform or mobile app. Often, these are called global or simplified postbacks in their tracking system. After you’ve created goals for an advertiser’s mobile app events, you can set up TUNE postback URLs to work with simplified postbacks.

To do so, you need to modify your offer’s default offer URL and postback URLs to incorporate the advertiser’s desired events. Before continuing, ask your advertiser for the parameters in their tracking system they want you to use for each event.

Modify Your Default Offer URL

The first step is to connect your offer goals to the advertiser’s desired parameters. On your offer’s page, find the Payout panel and click Manage Goals. Write down the name and goal ID of each event. Go back to your offer’s page, then find the Details panel and click Edit.

Modify the Default Offer URL by adding each of your advertiser’s desired parameters with its corresponding TUNE goal ID value. For instance, your advertiser uses the parameters adv_install_param and adv_purchase_param for installs and in-app purchases in their tracking system. If your goal IDs for the install and purchase events are “0” and “18”, respectively, then your default offer URL would look like this:{transaction_id}&aff={affiliate_id}&adv_install_param=0&adv_purchase_param=18

Prepare Event Postback URLs

The next step is to prepare event postback URLs for your advertiser. Because simplified postbacks are specific to an event, rather than to a platform or mobile app, your postback URL for each event is the same across all offers from the same advertiser.

For the install event, find the Payout panel on your offer’s page and View your “Install” goal. Before sending this postback URL to your advertiser, remove the offer_id parameter to make it applicable for each of that advertiser’s offers. Your postback URL for the install event should look relatively simple:

For each other event, View its corresponding goal and find the Tracking Code panel. Before sending the postback URL to your advertiser for that event, replace the value of the goal_id parameter with the advertiser’s desired parameter for that event.

As an example, if your advertiser uses the parameter adv_purchase_param for in-app purchases in their tracking system, then your postback URL for that event would look something like:

After the above modifications to your event postback URLs, send them to your advertiser as you normally would.