Working with TheOfferMachine

Setting up offers through TheOfferMachine (TOM)? You can quickly and seamlessly use HasOffers to manage both offers using pixel tracking and postback tracking (we recommend the postback option).

Step 1: Setting up Offer in HasOffers

Once an offer has been created in TheOfferMachine, take the landing page URL and enter it as the default offer URL. For postback tracking, add the “transactionid” parameter to the end of the URL along with the “{transaction_id}” macro:


Here’s how this looks in the default offer URL field:

Once all the offer information has been filled out, click Create. Create additional goals in the offer as needed if you want to track multiple conversion points.

Step 2: Adding offer postback for conversions

After the offer has been created in your network, you need to add the offer postback to the offer inside TOM so that conversions can be recorded. TOM stores the transaction ID value and pass that back to your HasOffers network when certain forms are submitted. In the example above, we passed the transaction ID to the “transactionid” parameter in the URL, so to have that passed back to us, use the “[[transactionid]]” macro in the Tracking Code field for the form:

If you have multiple conversion forms that visitors reach in your offer, then use Offer Goals to record each of those conversion points in HasOffers. Make sure that each goal is using the same “[[transactionid]]” macro since that’s how the transaction was passed on the click for this offer.