Text Links

Text links are a simple creative type frequently used in contextual advertising platforms. This type of creative is ideal for partners, as it usually provides converting text in a creative that has proven to drive clicks. Text links are often straightforward, like call-to-action text using the partner tracking link.

Adding a Text Link

To add a text link, go to Offers > Creative Files and click Add Creatives. On the next page, select what offer(s) you want to add the link to. Give your text link creative a name, and choose whether you want to make the creative private or not. Private creatives are not visible in the publisher interface.

Then enter your text link in the Code section. Here’s what a standard text link looks like:

<a href="{tracking_link}">Click Here!</a>

The macro is dynamically replaced with the partner’s tracking link in the publisher interface. To dynamically insert the tracking link for each partner, use one of the following macros in your text link anchor tag:

  • {tracking_link}
  • {etracking_link}

When using the {tracking_link} macro in the anchor tag, the system inserts the generated tracking link for the partner, along with any additional sub IDs, variables, or other parameters. The {etracking_link} option functions similarly, but encodes the tracking link for the partner as well. It is usually used when the tracking link is being added as a click macro in another tracking system.

Have Link Open in New Window

If you want the user to be taken to a new tab/window in the browser, add a target attribute to the anchor tag. Here’s an example:

<a href="{tracking_link}" target="_blank">Click Here!</a>