Suppression Lists

Suppression lists contain all the people who have opted out of a mailing list. With email marketing, it is required to let users opt-out of any email marketing campaigns and add their email to a suppression list. Sending emails to people on the suppression list is considered spam and is illegal.

TUNE doesn’t host suppression list contents and instead stores links to your suppression lists. To enable the suppression list feature for your network, go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Offer. On that page, set Suppression Lists / Email Instructions to “Enabled”.

Once enabled, you can add or manage suppression lists by going to Offers > Suppression Lists. Partners can download an offer’s suppression list and find the unsubscribe link on the offer’s page.

Add a Suppression List

To create a suppression list, go to Offers > Suppression Lists and click Create Suppression List at the top right of the main panel. On the next page, enter a name for the suppression list, a link for partners to download the current suppression list, and an unsubscribe link that partners must include in their email campaigns.

Tip: If you have an UnsubCentral account, contact your account manager to set up its TUNE integration.

Enable Suppression List for an Offer

To add a suppression list to an offer, first go to the offer’s page and click Edit in the Settings panel. Then, set Suppression List to “Enabled” and select a suppression list from the dropdown menu that appears. Click Save at the bottom of the page when you’re finished.

Adding Email Subject and From Lines

You can also specify email ‘Subject’ and ‘From’ lines for the offer by enabling the Email Instructions setting. Once enabled, you can enter subject lines and from lines for the offer. You don’t upload them, rather you just provide them for the offer.

To enable this feature, first go to the offer’s page and find the Settings panel. Click Edit, then set Email Instructions to “Enabled”. Email instructions are offer-specific and are not attached to specific email creatives.