The subscription tool is an add-on to the customer list tool. Using this tool, you can set frequencies and intervals for partner payouts on subscription-based offers. You can also manage active subscriptions and cancel subscriptions.

To set up a subscription-based offer, you must already have a customer list set up, and subscriptions must be enabled in your network. To enable subscriptions, go to Company > Customize Application > SettingsOffer. Set Subscriptions to “Enabled”, and click Save to record the change.

Setting Up a Subscription-Based Offer

Next, you need to enable subscriptions on the offer level. On your offer’s page, find the Tracking panel and click Edit. Set Subscription to “Enabled”, and select a Customer List to use for this subscription. Two more settings appear when enabling subscriptions:

  • Subscription Duration: Length of time for which a subscription pays out. To allow a subscription to pay out for an indefinite amount of time, leave this selection blank.
  • Subscription Frequency: How often a subscription pays out

Managing Active Subscriptions

Once conversions are recorded for your offer, the selected customer list is updated. To manage a subscription, first go to Offers > Customer Lists and click the customer list set up for the subscription. Then, click on a customer:

Here you can see information about the customer, including all subscriptions they have signed up for. You can see the date the subscription was created, the subscription end date (based on the subscription duration setting), and the payout the partner receives each subscription period:

Cancelling a Subscription for a Customer

If a user cancels their subscription, typically this means that you will have to terminate payouts for the referring partner. First, go to Offers > Customer Lists and click the customer list set up for the subscription. Then, click on the customer whose subscription you want to cancel.

Click Edit next to the subscription, and set its Status to “Deleted”. Click Save once you’re finished. This prevents the partner from receiving any more payouts for this subscription.