Subscriptions Report

If you have set an offer up for recurring payouts to partners using the subscriptions feature, then you can use the subscriptions report to summarize all created subscriptions in one place.

Report Overview

The subscriptions report lists subscriptions and related information created in your system for a specified timeframe:

To access the subscriptions report, go to Reports > Subscriptions.

Default View

By default, this report loads the following stats:

  • ID
  • Provided ID
  • Offer
  • Partner
  • Partner Manager
  • Customer List
  • Date / Time
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Status
  • Payout
  • Revenue
  • Sale Amount

If a subscription has a blank “End Date” value, then no end date was specified for that subscription. Subscriptions with no end date pay out to the partner indefinitely until cancelled.

Note: Results shown are based on subscription start dates.

Configuring Your Report

To add or remove columns and filters from your report, check the relevant boxes in the Options section. Then click Run Report to update the displayed results.