Working with SpotOption

This article shows you how to connect a HasOffers offer to a SpotOption campaign.

Setting up Your Offer in HasOffers

Default Offer URL

When you create your offer, the default offer URL needs to use SpotOption:{transaction_id}

Note: Depending on the offer’s platform and website, you might not use the btag parameter, but instead the p parameter or the subcampaign parameter.

Offer Goals

Once the offer has been created you will need to set up three offer goals: lead, customer, and player. Copy those postback URLs and have them ready for the SpotOption step below.

Setting up Your Campaign in SpotOption

In your SpotOption platform, create a new campaign. Click on the Campaign tab at the top of the screen, click on the orange button on the upper-right corner, then click on New.


On the next screen, enter your campaign info and place the tracking codes from the three goals you made above.


For the postback URLs, assign %param% to transaction_id, like so:{offer_id}&transaction_id=%PARAM%

If your offer involves revenue share, add amount to the deposit (player code).

In the deposit rules, you can select if you want the conversion to fire only for the first deposit, or if you want one to fire for every deposit by that user as well as when the set affiliate pay threshold triggers.