Sign Up Questions

For the partner and advertiser signup process, oftentimes filling out the company and user information is not enough information to deem the account as a solid partner for your network. Before the user completes the signup process, it is usually best practice to have the account provide more information about their marketing experience, what channels they market to, and how much traffic they expect to send to your network. Advertisers can disclose what experience they have with performance marketing along with any info on how they plan to pay out for their offers, etc.

You have the option add additional fields to your partner and advertiser signup pages so they can provide this information along with anything else you want to obtain from them before they access your network. These fields can be very useful when deciding to approve or reject the account from your network.

Partner Sign Up Questions

When a prospective partner comes to your signup page, you can add custom questions that they will fill out at the bottom of the page after supplying their account and user information. Often these questions will be pertinent to what kind of experience they have with performance marketing and the type of traffic they work with.

These questions are not added by default to your partner signup page, but they can quickly be added and managed in your admin account by going to Company > Customize Application and clicking “Partner Sign Up Questions” in the Content panel.

Here you will see a table where your existing questions will go at the bottom, with a new signup question creator panel at the top. To add a new question, enter the question text (ex. “What is your main advertising source?”) In the ‘question field. Below, select if you want to make this question required to be answered. If the partner submits the form without selecting or providing an answer, an error will appear that will require the user to complete the form.

There are three question types that you can select from: an open input field, a Yes/No option, and a multi-select dropdown. If you want the have the applicant provide a more open-ended response, then use the ‘Text’ option and a text input field will appear. If want them to answer to a more simple yes/no question, the ‘Yes/No’ option will do this. If you want the applicant to select from a list of limited options, for example, a number range, then the ‘Select Box’ is the ideal type. When this is selected, put each option on a new line, and the system will add them to a select field:

Click ‘Add’ below to add the new question to the list of current questions.

You can manage the list of current questions by clicking ‘Edit’ to change any settings, to edit the question or options. If you want to remove the question from the signup form but don’t want to delete outright, click ‘Pause’ and this will remove it from the form. Click ‘Resume’ to reactivate a paused question. You can also delete a question outright by clicking ‘Delete’ on the far right.

Advertiser Sign Up Questions

You can have advertisers provide additional information when they apply for your network by adding signup questions to the advertiser signup page. To add these to the form, go to Company > Customize Application and click on ‘Advertiser Sign Up Questions’ in the Content section. The process for adding and editing advertiser sign up questions is the same process as with partners, refer to the previous section on adding, editing, and deleting signup questions.

Offer Sign Up Questions

On top of network signup questions, you can also add additional signup questions for partners when they apply for specific offers. This is an optional feature that you can enable for specific offers. This setting goes in tandem with partners applying for an offer and being manually approved by an admin. To enable this feature to be enabled at the offer level, go to Company > Customize Application and click ‘Offers’ in the Settings panel. Next, make sure the ‘Require Approval’ setting is enabled and Save.

Next, go to the offer profile that you want to enable additional offer signup questions for and click ‘Edit’ in the Settings panel on the right. Here, set the ‘Require Approval’ setting to Enabled and click Save. You will notice that a link will appear under the setting that will take you to the offer approval questions page, where you can add questions that will provide a simple text input response field for partners.

You can view the application and its responses by going to Offers > Offer Applications and clicking ‘View Responses’.

Offer Approval Questions for All ‘Require Approval’ Offers

If you are planning on adding a similar question for all require approval offers in your network, you can save a bit of time by creating ‘global’ offer approval questions. When you have an offer set to require approval, the global offer approval questions will appear when the partners applies to the offer.

To add global offer approval questions, go to Company > Customize Application. In the Content section, click on ‘Offer Approval Questions’. On the next page, you can view existing global questions at the bottom table, and add new ones at the top. The same functionality exists here as is it does in the offers specific questions, the only difference is the questions here will appear in all require approval offers.