Server-Side Clicks

Normally the click is recorded on the client-side, or in the users browser. When the user clicks the tracking link, they are redirected to our system where we initiate the session and redirect to the offer landing page. With the default setup, this means that clicks cannot be recorded on the server-side, or by a server to track the session. In the event that you want to track clicks and initiate the session on the server side, then you can append a &format=json variable to the end of the tracking link. An example:

What this will do instead of redirecting the user to the landing page, is send a JSON response that will include that sessions transaction ID. Here is a sample response from the ad server:

"response": {
  "status": 1,
  "data": {
    "url": "",
    "transaction_id": "102851062212441291944214342191"

Note: Since these transaction IDs will be generated from the the same set of IP addresses, we highly recommend that you set your transaction ID values to “Random”, otherwise these will generate similar transaction ids and will cause duplicate conversions on the conversion side.