Integrating with ScrubKit

ScrubKit has partnered with TUNE to provide another layer of fraud monitoring to your partner program. As the partner marketing industry grows, fraud becomes more sophisticated and harder to detect. This setup gives your network a strong advantage for detecting any conversions that might be considered unsavory.

In TUNE, go to Company > Integrations and click ScrubKit. Then set the dropdown to “Enabled” and click Save.

How It Works

Scrubkit uses the TUNE API to pull conversion data in real-time to analyze conversion values and determine if there is any sign of fraudulent activity for that lead based on their algorithm. We help authenticate our conversions bypassing ScrubKit internal tokens that only they can receive. This is essentially a one-way transaction, where ScrubKit pulls conversion values from your TUNE account and scores the lead on their end. This information is not visible in your TUNE account, so you must manage your fraud activity in ScrubKit’s application.

TUNE also provides a certain level of fraud monitoring inside your application. Enterprise accounts can view and set alert thresholds for partner activity fraud. TUNE monitoring and ScrubKit monitoring work independently, but both can be used simultaneously to track fraud.