Integrating with Right Media

You can integrate server-side tracking for Right Media and TUNE by following the steps below.

1. Set Up Creative in Right Media

Server-side conversion tracking requires a bit of extra integration on your part, to enable Right Media to pass TUNE the usercode (conversion token) upon a click, and TUNE to pass information back to Right Media for the user upon a conversion. With a conversion token, you need to add a parameter of your choice, such as ymid, to the TUNE tracking link that identifies the user. Set Right Media’s conversion token into a TUNE tracking link like the below. You’ll need to replace “{conversion_token}” with the right variable name from your Right Media interface:{conversion_token}

2. Enable Track User Agent for Conversion

By default, conversions are tracked with the user agent string of device for the conversion request. When using Server Postbacks, you need to use the user agent of the click for postbacks to Right Media. Contact support to enable this feature.

3. Set Up Postback in TUNE

Next, set up a partner postback URL so that when TUNE records a conversion, it notifies Right Media. In TUNE, go to PartnersConversion Pixels / URLs. Then click Add Conversion Pixel / URL. Select the partner and offer. Then select “Postback URL” for the Type dropdown menu.

In the Conversion Pixel Code / URL field, enter the Right Media postback URL. Because Right Media’s conversion token was passed into TUNE on click via the aff_sub parameter, include {aff_sub} macro in the postback URL like so:{aff_sub}

Right Media Documentation

More information on server-side conversion tracking with Right Media can be found here: