TUNE Reporting Overview

There are so many reports in TUNE, it can be overwhelming! Here’s a description of each option you’ll find in our Reports menu, grouped by tasks important to businesses like you.

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Quickly Measure Performance

You need access to quick data, so many of the options in the Report menu take you to the same report page—the Stats Report—with different options pre-selected.

The Daily Report shows a count of your clicks, conversions, revenue, payouts, and related information totaled by day, based on your network time zone. The Hourly Report shows the same information, broken down further by each hour.

The Partners Report, Advertisers Report, and Offers Report show you the current day’s clicks, conversions, revenue, payouts, and related information broken down by partner, advertiser, and offer respectively.

The Conversion Status Report returns a view of total conversions for each offer/partner pair, aggregated by conversion status. This overview collects data to give you a high-level view. Many clients use this data to know what to search for in more detailed reports (mentioned below).

The Traffic Fraud Report surfaces the portions of your click traffic marked as suspicious due to fraud, aggregated by partner. It’s a great way to see the results of proactive click fraud prevention.

The last report offering a quick view is the Offer Caps Report, which shows you how close your offers with caps are to reaching their total cap.

Tip: You can further customize most of these reports by expanding the Options section. You can also select a different report date range in the Timeframe section.

Drill Down to Details

You can use the Options and Timeframe boxes to get more details from any of the above reports, but that’s not all—TUNE has even more tools to get the performance data you need for your business.

If you want mobile device and carrier stats for your clicks and conversions, use the Mobile Stats Report.

The Conversion Report shows you data for every conversion received, by default over the last day. This report also provides an additional feature: to reject or approve conversions directly from the report results.

The Traffic Referrals Report lets you discover which sites and URLs your click traffic is coming from, along with click and conversion stats for each site.

The Goals Report breaks conversions down by the number that reach various offer goals. This is especially useful for marketers working with app installs and lead gen forms.

The Ad Campaigns Report is a preset Stats Report that breaks performance down for each campaign and creative, giving you clicks, conversions, and other data to tell you which ones are doing well or need attention.

Diagnose & Resolve Issues

TUNE gives you the power to dive deep into your data, so you can resolve discrepancies, questionable clicks and conversions, and a variety of other issues.

Event Tracer is your go-to tool for diving deeper into a variety of logs. View every moment in your logs line-by-line, search for specific issues and data elements, and export that data to files for your business intelligence needs.

Many people use the Conversion Report mentioned above for a streamlined view of the information Event Tracer provides. Additionally, the Conversion Report provides data extending farther in history, while Event Tracer focuses on the last 31 days.

Use Server Logs to view all the notification and error responses to impressions, clicks, conversions. This includes:

  • Conversion attempts using the same transaction ID
  • Offers attempted by unapproved partners
  • Times users were redirected to another offer due to offer pause status or geotargeting rules
  • Various other notifications

The Click Logs feature lets you directly download CSV files with all the details on every click in your platform. You can use spreadsheet software like Excel or a business intelligence suite to do deep analysis and reconciliation.

The Partner Fraud Report offers a quick breakdown of potential profile fraud and activity fraud, with the ability to drill down into specific flagged partners for more details on problematic issues.

Specific Feature Reports

There are other options in our Reports menu that provide information on commissions and recurring payouts.

The Partner Commission Report handles data for businesses using the Partner Referral feature. With this, you know which partners have earned commission from referrals, and how their commission is calculated.

If you offer your partner managers commission based on partner performance, the Manager Commission Report provides data on the commission owed based on the individual partner manager’s commission settings.

The Subscriptions Report gives you a breakdown of recurring payouts owed to partners using the subscription feature.

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