Reporting FAQ

This article is part of our FAQs & Troubleshooting series.

Why don’t the clicks in my traffic referrals report match my stats report?

If clicks in the stats report don’t match clicks in the traffic referrals report, then not all of your partner traffic has referral URLs. The traffic referrals report only records clicks with referral URLs set. Clicks without referral URLs are not displayed in the traffic referrals report.

It’s standard that about 80% of traffic doesn’t have a referral URL. This can be even higher if your users have additional security settings in place, or if the traffic is from an ad network or partner that hides their traffic URLs.

Why don’t my clicks & conversions match up for my postback with partner ID offer?

The postback with partner ID tracking method does not use a transaction ID to authenticate the conversion. As a result, clicks and conversions are not directly linked with a unique value. Although the clicks and impressions will be tracked, they won’t line up with conversions in the conversion report.

We recommend using the postback with transaction ID tracking method, since it’s the most reliable and accurate method available. Because the postback with partner ID tracking method also won’t track partner postbacks, we suggest only using it in situations where using the transaction ID method is impossible.

Why do I get a “Report Time Zone Error” message?

This rare error occurs when the network’s default time zone has a different minute offset than the time zone selected for your report. For example, if the network is in Eastern Time Zone (UTC-0500), and you select a report to be in India Standard Time (UCT+0530), you will receive this error because IST is offset by 30 minutes and EST isn’t.

If the network is in IST, any other time zone offset by 30 minutes is valid, and time zones that aren’t (such as EST) will cause this error.

The simplest way to correct this error is to select the report in the network’s time zone.

Note: If the network is in a time zone offset by some other amount (such as Nepal Standard Time’s UTC+05:45), you will experience this error trying to load reports in most other time zones.