Recording Sale Amount on Conversion

Whether your offer is going to pay a partner a percentage of a users purchase, or you want to see the amount of the sale in your conversion report regardless of how much the partner gets paid, you can do so bypassing the amount into the offer pixel/postback URL.

Passing Sale Amount on Conversion

To start passing sale amounts, append the amount parameter to your offer or goal pixel/postback URL. You can add this manually, or by checking the “Sale Amount” box on the pixel/postback page:

Here’s an example of an iframe pixel containing the amount parameter:

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

With the parameter added, you can insert a macro to dynamically replace “AMOUNT” with the sale amount when the pixel fires. Typically, the shopping cart will place a macro where the order total will be passed through and load the pixel on the order confirmation page.

A more manual approach involves passing that value from the order database using a scripting language like PHP, Ruby, etc. In the following example, the order total of $50.00 USD was passed into the offer pixel:

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

If the offer is set up to pay partners a percentage of the sale amount (CPS/RPS), then our ad server pulls the offer/partner payout and revenue percentage and calculate the payout of that conversion based on the sale amount passed. Lets say the offer has a payout of 20%, and a revenue collected of 30%. The payout would then be $10 USD and a revenue of $15 USD. Both of these values would show in the conversion report:

The ad server uses the currency set for the network or set in the offer if a custom currency is set for the offer. If no value or an improperly formatted amount is passed, then the conversion report displays “0.00” for the sale amount.

Note About Currency Formats

Do not use commas or periods as thousands markers. This can result in our ad server recording no sale value for your conversion.

To keep our ad server fast and flexible to work with any currency, it takes the first period or comma it sees as a decimal indicator. If there are period or commas after that symbol, the ad server may misinterpret your value as not being a valid number.

Viewing Sale Amount in Report

The sale amount is available in the conversion report (for networks and advertisers) and the event logs section of the event tracer (for networks only).