Receivables Report in TUNE Pay

The Receivables report in TUNE Pay helps you track outstanding balances and manage payments, all from the same page. You can also go to unpaid advertiser invoices directly.

This report is available to users with the following roles:

  • Advertiser Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Administrator

To access this report in TUNE Pay, go to Reports > Receivables.

About This Report

This report lists invoices with the “Approved” status that haven’t been paid for by an advertiser yet, sorted by the due date:

TUNE Pay Receivables Report

Employees with the advertiser manager role can only see information about advertiser accounts assigned to them in TUNE Pay.

Default View

When you load the receivables report, it displays information for all months with unpaid invoices:

  • Name: Name of the invoice described by the other columns in the same row
  • Advertiser: Name of the advertiser listed on the invoice
  • Adv. Manager: Name of the employee who manages the advertiser account listed on the invoice
  • Total Amount: Total sum of all items listed on the invoice
  • Joined Payables: Percentage of corresponding partner invoice amounts that have been paid to the partner
  • Period: Time window listed on the invoice for items
  • Email Sent: Whether or not an email was sent to the advertiser regarding the invoice
  • Due Date: Date listed on the invoice by which payment is expected
  • Delay Days: Number of days remaining before (or past) the due date

Note: Data in this report is shown in your network’s default timezone.