Partner Interface Tour

Partners connected with networks using TUNE have access to a powerful tool called the partner interface. By logging into the network’s site with your partner account, you can easily view the network’s offers and your performance. This tour highlights the essential features in the partner interface.

Note: For you to use the partner interface, your network needs to provide you account information and a login URL (which will look something like


Once you log in, you see a quick view of your performance and updates in the Dashboard.

Partner Interface Dashboard

The most important pieces here are the Quick Stats and Performance charts. This Quick Stats section shows up-to-date click, conversion, impression, and payout data over the last 7 days, and how those stats compare to the 7 days before that. The Performance chart shows your stats for each day in those 7 days as a line graph.

Finding Offers

In the main navigation, go to the Offers menu, then click on the All Offers option to see a full list of offers available to you. If you want to narrow your search to only offers you’ve sent clicks to over the last 7 days, click on the My Live Offers option instead.

Partner Interface My Live Offers

From either offer screen, you can use the top bar to search by keywords, filter by the network’s categories, or filter by country. Click on the link in the Name column of the offer to view the offer’s details. You can preview the offer by clicking on the button or icon in the Preview column to open the offer’s landing page in a new tab.

Working with an Offer

To view or use an offer, click on that offer from the Browse/Search or Live Offers list. That offer’s page comes up. In the Your Tracking Link section, you can generate tracking links for that offer, including customizing the sub IDs you want to pass, add in impression pixels, and more.

Partner Interface Offer Details

In the Offer Details section below that, you can read more details about that offer provided by the network, including general description, offer caps, expiration, geotargeting, and more.

For Offers Requiring Approval

For some offers, the network may require you to request approval. To request approval for that offer, click on Request Approval.

Partner Interface Request Approval

You may see a follow-up screen asking you to answer questions. Fill in your answers, then click on Save Answers. If you don’t see such a screen, that offer has no specific questions. Either way, the network will receive your request.

Viewing Reports

You can’t do performance marketing without seeing reports on your performance. In the Reports menu, you have two powerful tools:

  • The Performance Report, which aggregates data to show and compare offer performance
  • And the Conversion Report, which provides in-depth info on individual conversions

Performance Report

In the performance report, you can see how your clicks, conversions, and payouts change over time. The graph shows you how your top offers perform for quick comparison.

Partner Interface Performance Report

By default, your top three offers are selected for the graph. The report summary and table provide below the graph provide numeric breakdowns. The offers shows in the graph have colored icons next to them in the table, to show which offers correspond with which line.

Partner Interface Performance Detail

Tailoring Your Reports

The flexibility in reporting doesn’t end there! You can tailor your reports with the options at the top:

Partner Interface Report Settings
  1. Select a date range of displayed data
  2. Select the data, statistics, and calculations you want to see in the table
  3. Filter for the offers you want to see compared together: by offer, category, partner sub ID, and so on
  4. Save the configurations for this report—date range, report options, etc.—so you can easily run the report later by going to Reports > Saved Reports
  5. Download the data from this report as a CSV file, using the filters and settings you have selected
  6. Change which offers to highlight in the graph
  7. Select which data you want displayed in the graph: impressions, clicks, conversions, and payout
  8. Select the frequency of data points in the graph
  9. Select the type of graph to display: line, pie, or bar graph

You can also adjust the graph in other ways:

  • Highlight a portion of the graph to zoom in and see more detailed comparisons
  • Click on other offers in the table to see more data lines on the comparison graph

Conversion Report

The conversion report provides info on individual conversions: offer data, user data collected, partner sub IDs, transaction IDs, time of conversion, and so on.

Partner Interface Conversion Report

Like the performance report, you can adjust this report’s time frame, filters, and the columns you want to display by using the dropdown menus at the top of the page.

Invoice & Payment Details

To view and update your billing details, go to My Account > Billing.

Partner Interface Billing

You can click on the pencil icon in the Billing Details section to edit your billing information. You can also see information about your invoice and payment history.

To view individual invoice details, go to the Invoices section and click on entries in the Statements column. To view individual payment receipt details, go to the Payments section and click on entries in the Payment column.

Other Features in Brief

Some networks have enabled additional features for partners. The following may be available to you.

Ad Groups

If the network uses the custom ad campaign (or “ad group”) options TUNE provides, you can access those ad campaigns from the Ad Groups option in the Tools menu. You can view the network’s supplied campaigns here, or create your own by clicking on Create Ad Group.

Referral Report

If your network runs a partner referral program, you can access that feature by going to Reports >  Referral Report. From there, you can get your referral link to give to other partners and track your commissions generated by each referred partner over various time frames.

Partner API Access

If your network allows partners to use the TUNE Partner API, you can request an API key. You may receive an API key right away, or the network may be set to approve each request individually.

To request an API key, first go to Tools > APIs. Then click the Request API Key button. Once your request has been approved, you’ll be able to retrieve your API key and network ID from this page.

If you need to disable your current key and get a new one, click on the Invalidate and Request a New Key button.

Publisher Mobile App

TUNE provides an app for partners on the go! You can quickly view hourly and daily performance breakdowns of overall performance and for individual offers. To find out more, go to our support documentation on the Publisher Dashboard Mobile App.

Note that not all networks have enabled access to the mobile app. You can tell if you have access by going to the Mobile App option in the Tools menu. If you don’t see that option, your network has the feature disabled.

Getting Support

If you need assistance, reach out to your account manager. Your account manager’s contact info is always visible below the menu. You can also go to Contact Support from the My Account menu to open your email program. A new email with your account manager’s address in the To line should appear.