Popular Features

Want to do more with TUNE? Check out some of our most popular features below.

Next-Level Offers & Tracking

Location-based offer delivery
Learn about geotargeting and how to set it up for your offers.

Custom targeting rules
Aim your offers with more precision by targeting browsers, devices, and more.
Advanced Targeting

Track events through different pages
Trigger payouts on certain events and measure the performance of your marketing funnels.
Offer Goals

Conceal sensitive information in tracking links
Learn about shortened URLs and when they can additionally be used for SEO benefits.
Tiny URLs & SEO-Friendly Links

Incorporate creatives
Add image banners, XML feeds, and more to your offers.
Creative Files Overview

Automate tasks
Set rules around offer performance that are acted on automatically.
➢ Using Performance Automation Tools


Overview of TUNE reports
Get the performance data you need with the right report.
➢ Reporting Overview

Handle data specific to conversions
Learn to modify conversion statuses, manually save reports, and schedule automatic reports.
Using the Conversion Report

Detailed network logs
Take an in-depth look at the UI, result reports, and search features of the event tracer tool.
Event Tracer

Billing & Payment

Get paid
Summarize your earnings and generate invoices for advertisers.
Advertiser Billing

Handle partner invoicing
Set up automatic invoicing to streamline your payment process.
Partner Invoices

Mobile Apps

Real-time stats
Explore the full list of features and get started with our mobile app for networks.
Network Dashboard Mobile App

Are you a publisher working with a TUNE network?
View, manage, and track offers through our Publisher Mobile App.
Publisher Dashboard Mobile App