Performance and Profit Report in TUNE Pay

The performance and profit report in TUNE Pay helps you monitor profits and margins across the various advertisers, partners, and offers you work with. Use this flexible report as a way to identify profitable relationships and potential areas of improvement.

To access this report in TUNE Pay, go to Reports > Performance.

About This Report

This report lists costs and profit margins by advertisers, partners, offers, or partner-offer pairs. Costs and margins are further grouped by invoicing period for ease of comparison:

TUNE Pay Performance & Profit Report

Below the main table, there’s also a summary of costs and margins displayed in the main table:

TUNE Pay Performance & Profit Summary

Default View

When you load the performance and profit report, it displays information for the most recent billing period:

  • Period: Billing period used by other columns in the same row
  • Revenue: Total revenue from approved conversions in TUNE
  • Cost: Total payout from approved conversions in TUNE
  • Gross Profit: Calculated profit based on revenue and cost (Revenue – Cost)
  • Margin: Calculated profit margin based on revenue and cost (Gross Profit / Revenue)

Note: Data in this report is shown in your network’s default timezone.

Saving & Exporting Reports

After updating your report filters, it can look very different from the report defaults. If you often make the same changes to your report, you can save your current view in TUNE Pay or export to CSV and process the data in another application.

To save your current view, click the Save View As button and provide a name for the saved view. Once saved, your view appears next to the preset view buttons above the report.

To download your current view as a CSV file, click the Export as CSV button.