Payout Structures

Payout structures allow you to pay partners differently depending on the type or quality of traffic they deliver. You may evaluate any number of custom criteria such as SKU, product plan, product category, or demographic.

Create a Payout Structure 

To manage your payout structures, go to Offers > Payout Structures. To create a payout structure, click Create New.On the next page, in the General Info panel, set the name, advertiser (optional), currency, default payout, and default revenue (optional). Keep in mind that the name will be visible to partners in the partner interface, assuming they have access to the offer.

Payout structures general info

Add Criteria

Payout structures use criteria to determine if the conversion or user session qualifies for a given rule. These criteria are based on the parameters of your tracking links.

Click Add Criteria to get started.In the Criteria Details panel, enter a Name. This name is displayed  in the payout structure table as a column header. Next, select which Tracking Link Parameter will be used for this criteria.

Payout structures criteria details

You can choose from a selection of TUNE parameters and/or enter your own custom parameters. All parameters used in payout structure criteria must be passed to TUNE in the conversion postback/pixel to function properly.

The following TUNE Parameters are supported for criteria:

  • adv_sub
  • adv_sub2
  • adv_sub3
  • adv_sub4
  • adv_sub5
  • aff_sub
  • aff_sub2
  • aff_sub3
  • aff_sub4
  • aff_sub5
  • source

Next, choose the Type of data to be evaluated. Criteria parameters allow text or numbers as input. There are different operators available for each data type.

Text criteria operators:

  • Equals
  • In
  • Like

Number criteria operators:

  • Equals
  • Less than
  • Less than or Equal to
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or Equal to
  • Between

Add Rules

Now that you’ve added some criteria to the payout structure, you can add rules based on those criteria to determine the payout and revenue for a given conversion. 

Click Add Rule to continue.In the Add New Rule window, enter a Name for the rule. Next, choose an operator and a value for each criteria we created earlier.

Payout structures add new rule

When a rule has multiple criteria, the system requires all the criteria to be met for that rule to apply. For example, above we set the value of the “Product” criteria to “Example”, and the value of the “Lead” criteria to “Test”.  If one of these criteria is not met for a given conversion, this rule will be skipped and the payout structure’s default payout & revenue will apply.  

Evaluation Order

The order in which rules will be evaluated can be updated by changing the order number on each rule. The evaluation order starts at one, then two, and so on. Rules that use many criteria should be set to a lower number to ensure they are evaluated before less-specific rules. Payout and revenue defaults will always at the bottom of the table as they will always be evaluated last.

payout structures full table

Assigning a Payout Structure to an Offer

Once a payout structure has been created, you can assign it to one or more offers in your account. From the Edit Payout Structure screen, click Assigned Offers, choose the offer from the dropdown menu, then click Add. When you are done adding offers, click Save.

Assigning a payout structure to an offer

Assigning a Payout Structure to a Goal

You can also assign a payout structure to one or more goals in your account. From the Edit Payout Structure screen, click Assigned Goals, choose the offer and goal from the dropdown menus, then click Add. When you are done adding goals, click Save.

Assigning a payout structure to a goal

Pixel/Postback Implementation

Now that the payout structure has been created and assigned to your offer(s), you need to set up your offer pixel/postback to pass back parameters you defined in the criteria. Going back to our example, the pixel on the confirmation page to trigger the evaluation for the rule we created is:

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

Once this is placed and saved on the offer’s confirmation page, you are ready to go!

Partner-Specific Payout Structures

NOTE: If you set any partner-specific payouts on the offer, those payouts take priority over payout structure settings including partner-specific payout structures.

As a part of a payout structure, you can set partner-specific defaults and rules. To create a partner-specific payout structure, go to the Partner Specific tab and click Add Partner.

Partner specific payout structure

Select the partner you want to work with and click Add. You now can change the default payout and revenue for this partner and set up advanced payout rules that will only apply to that partner. When you are done making changes, click Save.

Partner specific details
Partner Specific Payout Structure for Demo Company with a default payout of $5.00 and a custom rule for their Sub Affiliate 25 with a payout of $6.00