Integrating with Optizmo

The Optizmo/TUNE integration allows users of both platforms to easily manage suppression files and opt out links from within their TUNE account. Create new lists, manage existing ones, and assign lists to your offers all from within the TUNE UI with a robust and easy to use iFrame style integration.

Note: This article is intended to assist networks with Optizmo accounts set up and manage their integration. Please schedule time with your Optizmo representative for any assistance in learning and managing Optizmo settings.

First, you need to get your TUNE API information, and add to your API IP whitelist. See our developer documentation for instructions.

Add Your Credentials to Optizmo

In another browser tab, go to On that page, enter:

  • Your network’s ID in Network ID.
  • Your API key in API Key (as linked to above).
  • Your Optizmo ONID in Optizmo ONID. You can find this by logging into your Optizmo account, clicking on the Settings tab, and copying your ONID from the Partner Tracking System section.

Once the three credentials are entered, you’ll see a confirmation message stating the custom pages have been created.

Manage Your Optizmo Integration

Go to Snapshot and click on your new Optizmo Sync option to bring up your Optizmo integration page.

Within TUNE, you’ll see your Optizmo settings.

You can now create new opt out lists, manage existing ones, and assign them to your offers in this page. Even though you’re in TUNE, you’re working directly in your Optizmo account. For assistance on using this page, please contact Optizmo.

Advertiser and offer/campaign profile data is automatically sent to Optizmo, so there’s no need to manually create those profiles in your Optizmo account. Publisher data is sent later, when they access the offers through their portal.

Publisher Access

Once you activate Optizmo for your network, publishers will have access to Optizmo-hosted suppression files and opt-out links. They go to Offers > Optizmo Suppression Links.

When they click on an offer/campaign’s Get Links button, Optizmo provides then a unique Mailer Access Key (MAK) and opt-out link. This allows them to download the suppression list from Optizmo for that offer. The publisher’s profile is also sent to Optizmo automatically, eliminated the need for you to manually create one within Optizmo.

With Other Suppression Lists Features

If you also use the Suppression Lists feature in TUNE, you must have that disabled for any offers you want Optizmo to work with.

You can use both Optizmo Suppression functionality and any advertiser-provided suppression links simultaneously within TUNE. To do so, keep the suppression lists option enabled on offers where your advertiser provides their suppression list. If you already access the advertiser’s suppression list from Optizmo already, you will create a Linked List (covered in any Optizmo training sessions).