Additional Offer URLs

Many times, your offers and campaigns will have more than one landing page where you want to send traffic to. You might want to A/B test your landing pages to see which one converts better, or have different payouts for each landing page that your traffic lands on.

Instead of creating a new offer for each landing page, you can add multiple URLs to one offer. Each URL can allow the partner to designate what URL they want to send traffic to. When they grab a tracking link from their panel, they can select which URL the tracking link will be sent to.

Adding More Offer URLs

To provide additional URLs for your offer, look for the Landing Pages panel of the offer’s page, and click the Add URL button in the top right to proceed.

Add Offer URL page

On this page, there are four fields:

  • “Name” is a name that you will reference in the TUNE platform for reports and for selecting the URL in certain campaigns.
  • “Preview URL” is the URL that you can send partners to so they can preview the landing page. This field will not track, so there is no need to add additional parameters.
  • “Offer URL” is the URL that you will send traffic to. For a list of macros that can be used in this field, see our article on passing values to an offer URL.
  • “Private” is a setting that allows or disallows partner access to the URL.

After filling out these four fields, you can Add the URL to the offer. Back in the Landing Pages panel, additional URLs are displayed alongside the “Default URL”, where offer traffic is redirected by default.

Note: Default offer URLs can be up to 2048 characters long. Other offer URLs can be up to 500 characters long.

Selecting an Offer URL in the Tracking Link

Once the URL and other additional URLs have been added to the offer, the Offer URL dropdown menu appears in the Generate Tracking panel of the offer’s page. Here, you can select which URL you want the tracking link to redirect to:

Generate Tracking Link with Additional URL

The default URL will already be applied if nothing is selected, and selecting any other URL updates the tracking link to include an additional parameter to include the numeric ID of the offer URL:

Random URL Option

When you add additional URLs to an offer, you will notice that there is a random option in the Offer URL dropdown. When you select this and load the tracking link, the ad server selects one of the offer URLs, including the default URL to redirect to. You can add this functionality to the tracking link with the random_url parameter:

When a user first clicks on the offer, the ad server saves the URL randomly selected into a cookie. While the user has that cookie, subsequent clicks will go to the previously selected URL, not to a new random selection. Users clearing cookies or using new incognito sessions will get new random URLs.

The ad server does take into account how many times users are redirected to certain offer URLs, so the click distribution between all the URLs will not be even. Some URLs might end up getting more clicks than others.

Deleting an Offer URL

If you want to delete an additional URL from the offer, click Edit in the URLs section on the specific URL. At the bottom of the next page, set the status to “Deleted” and save. This removes the URL from the list and from the dropdown.

Important: Traffic that attempts to go to a deleted offer URL goes to the default offer URL instead.

The default URL cannot be deleted, but if you want to change this, then you can do so by going to the offer details section and editing the default offer URL there.

If you need to recover a deleted offer URL, click Manage in the URL section, and on the next page select Show only deleted from the dropdown to show all the deleted URLs. Click Edit, set the status to “Active”, and the URL is live again.