Offer Performance Report

The Offer Performance Report is a dashboard available to enterprise clients that provides an easy-to-read visual representation of how your offers are performing.

Finding the Offer Performance Report

There are two ways to get to the Offer Performance Report feature for your offers: an individual offer’s Offer Details page and from the list of offers in the Manage Offers page. In both cases, click on the Offer Performance Report icon as shown below.

From the Offer Details Page

Scroll down the the Metrics section, then click on the Offer Performance Report link.


From the Manage Offers Page

Find the offer you wish to examine, then click on the Offer Performance Report icon.


What’s in the Report

Once you click on the icon, a large window appears on the same screen. This is the Offer Performance Report. There are five sections to it:

  • Core information: Offer’s name, ID, advertiser, and status. This is also where you can adjust the time frame for the other sections of your report.
  • Totals: Count of clicks, conversions, and so on for the offer during the time frame.
  • Revenue, Payout & Profit: Chart showing those three amounts over the specified period.
  • Top 5 Publishers by Revenue: Chart of the revenue generated by that offer’s top publishers over the specified time period.
  • Current Offer Caps: Chart of the active caps on that offer, allowing you to compare the offer’s actual performance versus the amount of time left in that period.

See the example report below for a full-size screenshot.

Adjusting the Report’s Time

When you open the report, it starts with the current day based on the network’s time zone. You can change the view by clicking on the calendar icon at the top of the report.


This report works for data from today to 90 days from today. When you change the time frame, the report is instantly updated.

Important: The “Current Offer Caps” section does not change. That section is a snapshot of the caps at the moment, useful for you to know if your offer is going to reach a cap soon.

Current Offer Caps

The percentage of caps used for the current day and current month are shown here for quick comparison. The blue line shows how much of a cap has been used up, and the black line shows where in the day or month you are. Compare the two to see if your offer’s performance is expected to overtake its cap. You also can see the specific numbers for the current moment and the caps by hovering over the bars.


Projecting under capopr-caps-under
Projecting on par with capopr-caps-ontrack
Projecting to pass capopr-caps-passing
Cap breachedopr-caps-breached

Example Report