Using the Offer Caps Report

The offer caps report gives you near real-time visibility into your conversion and budget caps. Quickly see which offers are at or approaching their caps and which offers have plenty of cap left.

To access this report, go to Reports > Offer Caps Report. You need the Global Management user permission to see this option.

About This Report

This report lists active offers in your network that have caps, including those without stats for that cap (such as no conversions for a daily conversion caps report).

Default View

When you load this report, it displays daily conversion cap information based on current usage:

  • Offer ID: Internal ID of the offer. Hover icons in this column link to that offer’s details page.
  • Offer Name: Name of the offer. Hover icons in this column link to that offer’s partner stats and details pages.
  • Advertiser: Name of the offer’s advertiser. Hover icons in this column link to that advertiser’s details page.
  • % Cap Used: Percentage of the select cap used on this offer. Values in this column are color-coded:
    • Under 25%: blue
    • 25% to under 50%: light blue
    • 50% to under 75%: white
    • 75% to under 100%: red
    • 100% or higher: dark red
  • Daily Conversion Cap: Number of conversions this offer allows daily.
  • Conversions: Current conversions for this offer today.

The report sorts data by highest percent used first. You can change this by clicking on the arrows in the column headers.

Note: Data is shown in your network’s default timezone and can’t be exported.

Viewing Different Caps

The last two columns in the report—Daily Conversion Cap and Conversions—change based on the cap you select at the top. Click the dropdown menu at the top showing “Daily Conversion Caps” to view all options.

Selecting a cap type reloads the report with data for that cap. If you have no offers using the cap type you select, the report returns a “Nothing Found” message.

Configuring Your Report

To add or remove columns and filters from your report, click the Configure Report button. In the drawer that appears, you can:

  • Add or remove columns from your report, notably various metrics and calculations
  • Apply filters to narrow down your results, by percentage of cap used, various advertisers, or various offers