When managing a large group of partners, advertisers, and employees, it can often be hard to keep track of all the activity in your platform. To help with the sometimes overwhelming amount of information in your platform, your account comes with a notifications system that automatically informs you, your partners, advertisers, and other employees of relevant activity when it happens.

Each user can view the most current notifications on their Snapshot or Dashboard page. To view all notifications from the main menu, go to Company > Notifications, or click on the mail icon in the Publisher Interface.

Notification Messages

Below are the types of notifications that appear in your notifications center after certain actions have taken effect in your platform:

New Partner / Advertiser

When a new partner or advertiser signs up for your partner program, you will receive a notification that they have created an account.

  • “Partner/Advertiser has signed up and is now active.” – A partner has filled out the sign-up form successfully and now has an active account in your platform.
  • “Partner/Advertiser has signed up and is awaiting approval.” – If your account has partners or advertisers set to “Require Approval”, you will receive this notification that the partner is set to pending status and needs to be manually approved.
  • “You have been assigned as the account manager for Partner/Advertiser.” – If you have partner or advertiser management permissions enabled, you will get a notification when you or another admin has assigned accounts under you.

Scheduled Reports

  • “Your scheduled report is complete” – If you have set up a scheduled report to be generated at a later date or on a recurring basis, you will receive this notification when the report is done. You can then click through the notification to download the report.

File Import Status

If you use the offer/partner/advertiser upload tool to bulk add or update users to your system, the process is done every 15-30 minutes, and when the file has been processed a notification is created to let you know of the outcome.

  • “Offer/Partner/Advertiser Import Complete” – This message states that the file has been uploaded and processed, but does not imply that all the data was added or updated correctly. If all the rows updated automatically, a message like “Successfully saved 25 partners.” appears. If there were issues updating a row or cell, a message like “10 offers failed to save.” appears instead. Click the title of these notifications to display each error that affected the failure of the import.
  • “Offer/Partner/Advertiser Import Failed” – If there was a formatting error in the file, typically with the header columns, then this response will appear. Click the title to display the cause of the error so you can make changes to the file accordingly.

Account Change Notification

If you have enabled the Account Change Notifications setting in your Application Settings, you will be notified when any change is made to a partner or advertiser under your management.

  • “Partner/Advertiser has made 1 change to their Partner information.” – When a partner or advertiser under your management has made a change to their account, you will receive this notification. Click on the title to see what value was changed in the account and the value it was changed to.

Partner Profile / Activity Fraud

If you have enabled fraud monitoring for partners, you will be notified when the partner meets or exceeds the alert thresholds in the fraud monitoring system.

  • “Partner exceeded threshold of 30% with 35% probability of profile fraud” – If a change is made to the partner’s account that raises their profile fraud score above the alert threshold percentage.
  • “Partner exceeded threshold of 15% with 26% probability of activity fraud” – If the partner is engaging in suspicious activity and their conversions are providing signs of fraud, the activity fraud system raises their activity fraud score. If the partner meets or exceeds the alert threshold, this notification will appear.

Offer Application Awaiting Approval

  • “Partner has submitted an application for Offer.” – This notification is created when a partner applies to one of your offers. The notification also includes a link to the application.

Offer Status Change

  • “Offer has changed status from Active to Paused.” – This notification is created when an admin manually changes the status of an offer. The notification also appears in the partner interface if the partner has run traffic for the offer.

Offer Expiration Approaching

  • “Offer will expire on October 12, 2014.” – When an offer comes close to the expiration date, a notification appears in the partner and admin interface. If a redirect is set, then the redirect offer is shown as a reminder. In your Network-Wide Application Settings, you can set the number of days prior to expiration that you and partners are notified.

Partner / Offer Conversion Caps

  • “Offer Cap Approaching” – This notification appears when an offer reaches your Offer Cap Notification Threshold Network-Wide Application Setting.
  • “Offer Cap Reached” – This notification appears when an offer reaches its conversion or budget cap.
  • “Partner Offer Cap Approaching” – This notification appears when a partner reaches your Offer Cap Notification Threshold Network-Wide Application Setting on their partner-specific offer cap.
  • “Partner Offer Cap Reached” – This notification appears when a partner reaches their partner-specific offer cap.

Tip: Partners can opt in to these notifications in their partner interface settings. Partner-specific offer caps and offer-wide caps both send the same notifications to partners.

Partner-Only Notifications

  • “Invoice Paid” – When an invoice has been marked as paid either manually or by creating a payment receipt, this notification appears in the partner’s notifications.
  • “Approved for Offer” – When a partner who has applied for an offer is approved by an admin, this notification is displayed for the partner.
  • “The payout of Offer Name has changed to $5.00.” – If you or another admin makes a change to the default payout of an offer, partners with stats in the last 7 days for that offer will receive a notification on their end. If a partner’s custom payout has been changed, then they will receive a notification regardless if they have traffic.

Create Custom Notifications

To add a custom notification that can be seen by accounts under your management, click Create on either the Snapshot page or in the Notifications page. These are helpful for making announcements to your accounts as an alternative to the Mail Room.

On the create page, give the notification a title, and then a short message in the Message field. If you want the message to only go to your partners or advertisers under your management, then check the box under the message field. You can also add anchor tags or other basic HTML formatting to the title and message fields.

Edit Notifications

If you want to modify the content of an existing notification, click Edit for the notification in the Notification center. Here you can also change the status of the message.

Dismissing Notifications

If you have acknowledged or taken action on a notification and no longer need to see it, you can click Dismiss to the right of the notification in the Snapshot page, or Delete in the Notification center. This marks the notification as deleted and it will no longer appear in your Snapshot or Notifications pages.

You can clear out all the notifications in your admin by clicking Dismiss All at the top of the Notifications section on the Snapshot page. This marks all the notifications as deleted.