Network-Wide Offer Settings

To access your network-wide offer settings, go to CompanyCustomize Application > SettingsOffers.

Browser Targeting

Target offers to users with specific browsers by their user agent. For more information, read our article on Advanced Targeting.


Target offers to users by location based on their IP address. For more information, read our article on geotargeting.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Option for offers that require partners to read and explicitly accept the additional Terms and Conditions specified.

Require Approval

Option for offers to require partners to apply and get approval before pushing traffic to the offer. For more information refer to Require Approval.

Private Access

Option for offers that hides them from partners and allows you to grant access to specific partners. For more information refer to Private Access.

Adjustable Session Lifespan

Option for offers to set the session lifespan—duration of time to keep the session active for conversion tracking. For client-based tracking protocols, cookie expiration is set to the specified amount. For server-based tracking protocols, we store the expiration date in databases.

You can also the click session lifespan to be different than the impression lifespan. Impression session lifespan is used for view-through conversion tracking.

Conversion Caps

When this setting is enabled, network users can set a maximum number of conversions allowed for an offer per time period (daily, monthly, or lifetime). Enabling this setting also enables use of payout and revenue caps. Offer-wide caps and partner-specific offer caps both require this setting to be enabled.

For more information, read our article on Conversion & Budget Caps.

Redirect Offers

Option that allows an offer to redirect traffic in the event the offer if paused, passed expiration date, or conversion cap is exceeded.

SEO Friendly Links

Option that provides partners with SEO friendly tracking links. For more information, read our article on Tiny URLs & SEO Friendly Links.

Display Advertiser

Option to display advertiser name to partners and employees without advertiser permissions. Once enabled you will have to enable on each offer to display advertiser for those offers you want partners and partner managers to see the name of.

Offer Thumbnails

Option to upload and display offer thumbnails. in the offer and Manage Offers list.

Offer Goals

Option enabling multiple conversion points each with different payout and revenue settings. For more information, read our article on Offer Goals.

Index Sorting

Setting this feature to “Enabled” lets you select how offers are sorted on the offer index page (Offers > Manage Offers). Select your desired option in the two settings that appear below: Index Sort Field and Index Sort Direction.

Creative Manager / Ad Manager

Upload creatives to offers and create ad campaigns from the uploaded creatives. For more information, read our article on Ad Manager Essentials.

Custom Media Domain

If you would like your creative files to be hosted on a custom media domain instead of the default media domain, contact support. We then can setup a custom domain that points to our CDN. Your application and ad servers will then use this custom domain instead of the default media domain. Additional fees apply for setting up and using a custom media domain for your network.

Custom Feed Domain

Setting up a Custom Feed Domain will allow you to host your Data Feeds on your own unique custom domain. You will need to specify a custom domain for XML feeds to be used in generate tracking. The domain must be set up prior to implementing, and the CNAME will need to be directed to:

After DNS has been resolved for the custom feed domain, you will then contact the Customer Support Team to add the custom domain to your network settings. Specifying the custom feed domain before the DNS is resolved will cause feed links to stop working until the DNS update resolves.

Optimize Campaigns

Enabling this preference runs optimization algorithms for creatives within campaigns in the Ad Manager based on campaign settings. If disabled, optimization for campaigns won’t run. For more information, read our article on Ad Manager Optimization.

Offer Ratings

Generates ratings of offers based on performance by category and then displays rating to partners and employees. Ratings are 1 to 5 with 1 the worst and 5 the best. Offers are bench-marked by partner performance with the offers. Offer ratings a good indication to partners as well as employees which offers are performing the best on the network.

Test Offer URLs

If setting enabled, new column will be visible on the manager offers page by employees in the admin interface. The URLs is a link to the default offer URL so that you can quickly test offer URLs to ensure they work properly.

Suppression Lists / Email Instructions

Feature to manage email suppression lists. Create new managed or external suppression lists along with unsubscribe links and attach them to offers. Also, specify email instructions. For more information, read our article on Suppression Lists.

Unsubscribe Domain

You can set up a custom domain for the email unsubscribe link that your partners use. Instead using, the unsubscribe link for suppression lists will use the custom unsubscribe domain instead. We’ll need to input the domain once you have the domain ready. To set up the custom unsubscribe domain, you will need to use this DNS info: > cname >


Enables subscription-based offers and recurring commissions for partners. For more information, read our article on Customer Lists.

Auto-Generate Subscriptions

Enabling this preference generates conversions for subscription on a recurring basis. If disabled, recurring activity for subscriptions won’t be processed. This setting only needs to be used when using subscriptions to customer lists.