Network Dashboard Mobile App

Networks know how important it is to have access to real-time stats. With the Network Dashboard mobile app, you can see key performance indicators at a glance on your mobile device.

Some key features of the Network Dashboard:

  • View key performance stats for your network
  • View totals for revenue, clicks, conversions, payout, and profit
  • Compare today’s totals to yesterday and the last 7 days
  • Hourly stat breakdown for today and yesterday
  • Store logins for multiple TUNE (formerly known as HasOffers) networks you manage
  • Network admins get a global view of their network’s stats
  • Account managers see the numbers generated by their accounts

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Getting the App

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. For iOS, visit the App Store or search for “HasOffers”. For Android devices, visit the Google Play store or search for “HasOffers”.

Enabling the App on Your Network

By default, enterprise edition networks have access to this app-enabled. You can change this setting by going to the Customize Application page in your network, selecting Application, and changing the value for TUNE Network Dashboard Mobile App.

Logging in for the First Time

When the app first loads, you’re prompted to log into your network. Provide the URL you use to log into your network on a browser, as well as the username and password for your account.


Note on Login URL: If you use a custom domain, put that domain here. If you use, you need to include the entire URL, not solely your network ID.

Using the Dashboard

Once logged in, the app displays hourly stats for the last two days and a total over the last seven days.

Variety of Stats

Revenue is displayed initially. Tap on the appropriate stat at the top of the screen to see other stats.


The blue line shows stats for each hour on the current day (as defined by the network’s time zone). The shaded gray area shows stats for that hour on the day before, for quick comparison.

Total stats for the current day, previous day, and last seven days are displayed below the chart.

Hourly Breakdown

For each stat, you can scroll down to see an hourly breakdown for the current day and day before.


Since the app shows stats for the current day, the current hour’s entry will show the data currently collected for that hour, and hours in the future are left blank.

Working with Multiple Accounts

You can manage the accounts you’ve connected the app to from the Settings screen. Tap on the settings icon icon-settings at the lower-right corner.

Adding an Account

Tap Add Account at the bottom of the screen, then follow the prompts to enter your account information. Tap Add to add the account or Cancel to return to the settings screen.

Note: For each network, you can have only one active account. Putting a second login for the same network overrides the previous account credentials.

Switching the Active Account

You can easily switch from one account to the other by tapping on that account from the Settings screen. Then tap on the stats icon icon-stats at the lower-left corner to go back to the stats view.


Deleting an Account from Your Device

To remove an account from your device, tap Edit at the top of the screen. All of your accounts will appear with a red Delete button.


Tap on the button next to the account you want to remote, then confirm on the following screen. When you’re done removing accounts, tap on Done at the top.

Returning to Stats Screen

You can get back to your stats by tapping on the stats icon icon-stats at the lower-left corner.

Got Feedback?

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