Network-Wide Application Settings

To access your network-wide application settings, go to CompanyCustomize Application > SettingsApplication.

Network Name

This is the name that will be associated with your network. Partner and advertisers will see this as your company/network name. This name is displayed throughout the application, including all emails, notifications, and in the header.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication provides your TUNE network an extra layer of security for you, your employees, partners, and advertisers. By enabling an extra step of verification, it makes it almost impossible for others to fraudulently access your network. More and more software providers are using two-factor authentication to secure access to your network.

Read more about this topic in our article on two-factor authentication.

TUNE Information

Hide all mentions of the TUNE brand from everyone except the main administrator account. If you are the partner network creator then even if Hide TUNE Information is selected you will still see all TUNE information, however, all other users won’t see any TUNE support information. Hiding TUNE information provides a more white-labeled experience.

Support Email

Choose the email you wish for partners, advertisers and employees to use to contact you for support inquiries. This is not only listed on the Contact page in their user interfaces, but is also the email that will receive messages from the Feedback link in the header.


Specify a non-English language for your application. Select the language to use for your application. Only 1 language can be selected and all user interfaces will display data based on the selected language. For more information, refer to our article on language internationalization.

For enterprise accounts only.

Allow Multiple Languages

Allows advertisers, partners and employees to view the application in a specified language. They will be enabled to change their language in their user settings. This will override the default application language.


Select the currency symbol you would like to use for your entire network. Because of constantly changing exchange rates, you must keep one exchange rate for the entire network, allowing partners and advertisers to do their own conversions. Changing the currency symbol will not change any numbers within the system.

Multiple Currencies

Enable offers to have a custom currency that will override the default network currency. For more information, refer to our article on multiple currencies.

Enable VAT

With partner and advertising billing, you have the option to create and manage a set of VAT (Value Added Tax) codes in your TUNE account. Each code has a set percentage with it and when a VAT code is added to an invoice, the percentage is applied right away.

Upon applying this setting, the VAT Tax link appears in the Customize Application > Settings panel where you can add, edit, and delete VAT rates and codes.

Network Time Zone

Select the Time Zone you wish to use to timestamp all statistics within your network. If you change your time zone at a later date, there may be overlap or gaps in reporting because previous data has already been time-stamped with the previous time zone setting.

Account Change Notification

Enabling this feature will send notices every time a partner or advertiser changes the account information they used to sign up for your network.

Offer Cap Notification Threshold

For enterprise accounts, this setting lets you set the threshold for being notified of a partner or offer level cap being met. For example, if you set this field to 70%, then a notification is sent when an offer or partner reaches 70% of its conversion/payout/revenue cap. Notifications are shown in the admin interface and optionally emailed. This setting defaults to 90%.

Partners can opt into these notifications in their publisher interface settings. Partner-specific offer caps and offer-wide caps both send the same notifications to partners.

Offer Expiration Threshold

If you want to set a custom alert before an offer expires, this field will let you specify that timeframe in days. By default, this is set to 3 days (for enterprise clients).

Logout Redirect

This feature also increases the white-label experience by allowing you to send users to any URL you choose when they log out of the TUNE system. Most commonly, networks send users back to their custom login page or to their homepage. Set this feature to “Enabled” and enter the redirect URL in the space provided.

Mail Room

Enterprise users may enable the TUNE Mail Room feature, enabling them to email any combination of users from within the TUNE platform. For more information on this topic, refer to our article on Mail Room.

Google Analytics

Track user activity on your network using Google Analytics by enabling this feature and entering your Google Analytics account number.

EU Cookie Compliance

For EU users of your network, this setting will display a disclaimer about agreeing with the application using cookies to authenticate the user in your TUNE network. This is part of compliance with EU regulations for using cookies in the user’s browser.

For more information, read our article on legal disclosures.

IP Address Obfuscation

This setting provides a way to “pseudonymize” IP addresses from the European Union, United Kingdom, and Switzerland so they’re stored in an obfuscated form within your network. This means we store only a portion of the IP address for statistics-tracking purposes. Enable this setting to replace the last octet of incoming IP addresses from those regions with a 0.

For more information, read our article on IP address obfuscation.

Unique Device Identifier Blanking

In the European Union, United Kingdom, and Switzerland, device IDs are treated as personal data. Enable this setting to opt in to real-time replacement of incoming device identifiers with an empty string.

Important: We recommend consulting your advertisers before enabling this setting. When enabled, macros you use for device identifiers are replaced with empty strings and can affect your advertisers’ conversion validation.

For more information, read our article on Supporting Mobile Device Attribution.

Terms & Conditions

Enable this setting to require all partner and advertiser users to agree to your network terms and conditions. This applies for users that are imported or manually created but have yet to log in.

Note: Partners applying via your sign-up form always need to agree to your terms and conditions.