My Account Section

The My Account page is where you can manage settings for your personal admin account. This is also the place you can manage and access your network account information, including the billing portal. To access your account information page, go to Company > My Account.

Employee Details

The employee details section contains your accounts main information. You can modify your first + last names, job title, email address (this is used to log in to your account), office + cell phone numbers, your chat username, and the URL of your account profile photo.

You also have the option to enable or disable Two-Factor Authentication for your account. You will need a smartphone with the Google Authenticator app to use this feature.

Reset Password

If you want to reset the password for your own account, you can do so by clicking Change Password in the Details section. Enter your current password in the first field, and then the new password you want to change to in the second field. Enter the new password a second time to verify and click Update. The change should take effect immediately.

Account Settings

The account settings page will let you modify certain settings that are applied for all pages in your network. To make changes to these settings, click Edit in the top-right of the panel:

  • Enforce Session IP – When enabled this will only allow this account to be logged in at one IP at a time.
  • Time Zone – This will set the default display timezone for the account. If the network timezone is set to GMT, the account setting can show the stats for the user instead of making the timezone adjustment each time in the stat and conversion reports.
  • Display Language – If you have an enterprise account, your network will let you change what language you want to view the network in.
  • Notification Email – This setting lets you opt in or out of emails sent from the Mail Room.
  • TUNE Product Update – TUNE occasionally makes product announcements to users of the product. This setting specifies if you want to receive these emails.
  • TUNE News – This setting opts into the periodical newsletters sent to TUNE customers over company news.

Network Details

The network details section lets you modify the company address and contact information. You will notice the Company name is displayed here, this setting will show on partner and advertiser invoices.

Network ID

When you sign up for an account with TUNE, you create an ID known as your network ID. Your network ID is used to create your network’s TUNE subdomain and references your network specifically. You cannot change your network ID after creating it.

Your network ID is used in your application and tracking domains: => your application domain with network ID => your tracking domain with network ID

TUNE Information

In the TUNE Information panel, you can access quick details regarding billing for your TUNE account. You can see what plan your account is on. If you have a Pro account, here is the place you can upgrade to an Enterprise edition.

If your account has company billing access (this can be managed in the Manage Employees section), then you can click the “View your billing information…” link. This logs you into the billing portal where you can change billing contact info, view invoices, update payment info, and cancel your account.

Platform Usage

By clicking on Platform Usage, you can see your billable impressions, clicks, and conversions. The timeframe for usage is based on Pacific Standard Time (UTC-0800) all year round, not your network’s time zone.

If you have opted to add creative files to your network CDN, here is the place where you can see the amount of bandwidth the creative files have used. Usage of the CDN costs per gigabyte transferred, but no charge is applied for creative storage space. (For pricing, see “Media Usage” on our product feature comparison page.) The media usage report will show you the breakdown of each offer, the number of impressions the creatives were served, and the total amount of gigabytes those impressions used.

You can change the date range to see the total CDN usage for any timeframe.