Integrating with MobileAds

Integrating your MobileAds ad tag as a trackable creative in HasOffers is as simple as it gets. First, extract your ad tag from your MobileAds campaign by clicking “Get Ad Tag” on the “Manage Campaign” tab in your MobileAds account.

<script src=""></script>

Now, you need to implement your tracking link into MobileAds click tag parameter “ct”. You do this by utilizing the {etracking_link} macro available in the creative creation process like so:

<script src=";ct={etracking_link}"></script>

This code is ready to be added as a creative in your HasOffers account. Add it as a HTML creative and paste in the modified code and save. Now, when an affiliate generates a tracking tag for this creative, {etracking_link} will be replaced dynamically with their tracking link and your MobileAds creative will be directed there on the exit click.