Managing Payments in TUNE Pay

Payments in TUNE Pay consolidate partner invoices into groups payable using the same recipient and payment method. Finance managers or administrators can then release funds to pay based on one or more payment orders.

About Payments

TUNE Pay Payments List

TUNE Pay automatically creates payments as part of the invoicing process. Once a partner invoice is approved, it becomes part of a payment. If no payment exists for this partner and payment method, then a new payment is created.

Payments are visible to partner managers, partner directors, finance managers, and administrators in TUNE Pay. In the TUNE Pay partner interface, payments are also visible to the partner being paid.

Payment Statuses

Payments and invoices are closely tied together in TUNE Pay. The following statuses are available for payments:

  • Unpaid: Newly created payments begin with this status.
  • Awaiting Payment: Payments being made by direct bank transfers have this status when they are waiting to be funded from your borderless account to complete the transfer.
  • Processing: Payments being made by direct bank transfers have this status while the transfer to a partner is processing.
  • Canceled: Payments being made by direct bank transfers have this status if the transfer gets canceled.
  • Bounced Back: Payments being made by direct transfers have this status if the transfer is bounced back by a recipient’s bank.
  • Paid: Payments marked as paid or with confirmed direct bank transfer payments have this status. When a payment is set to “Paid”, the related invoices also move to the “Paid” status.

For payments via direct bank transfer and PayPal, you can add or remove a payment approval step in your account settings. This can help streamline the approval process for those with smaller teams. To do so, go to Settings > Account Settings. Then in the Billing tab, update the Enable Payment Approval setting.

TUNE Pay Payment Approval Settings

Joined Receivables

A joined receivable is a conversion that leads to an incoming payment from an advertiser. If any conversions covered by a payment affects the invoices of both an advertiser and a partner, then the progress of incoming funds is tracked in the “Joined Receivables” column. This is helpful to know so you can appropriately time outgoing payments with matching incoming funds.

For example, you promoted an offer for an advertiser, and you have a partner who helped you promote that offer. Conversions you invoice to your advertiser appear in TUNE Pay as joined receivables for the payables to that partner. When the status of your advertiser invoice progresses, then those joined receivables change to reflect the status of the connected invoice.

Splitting Payments

Although TUNE Pay automatically creates payments from approved invoices, you can move individual invoices into other payments if needed. When moving invoices into an existing payment, both payments must be for the same partner and use the same payment method.

To move an invoice from one payment into a new payment, expand the payment using the chevron icon and click the Create new payment for this invoice button. Then click Save.

Paying Via Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal

For payments using the direct bank transfer or PayPal payment methods, you can pay directly from the Payments page.

To initiate a payment via direct bank transfer, select the payments you want to pay, then click the Calculate Fees button. TUNE Pay will change the status of your payment to “Awaiting Payment”. Check the fees, select the payment again and click the Pay button.

To initiate a payment via PayPal integration, select the payments you want to pay and simply click the Pay button. TUNE Pay will send a payment using PayPal Payouts API and display the fees afterwards.

Expand the payment using the chevron icon and see the information related to the payment, including the payment processing fees, currency exchange rates, and the estimated delivery date.

TUNE Pay Payment Info

TUNE Pay will be constantly checking the status of the transfer and changing the status of your Direct Bank Transfers and PayPal payments to “Paid”, “Canceled” or “Bounced Back”.