Managing Mobile Offers with Kochava

Note about iOS 14: no updates are required for offers tracked with Kochava. TUNE’s postback tracking does not rely on IDFA for attribution.

This article is intended for customers interested in driving mobile app conversions and have the Kochava SDK installed in their app. Kochava is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, and is a TUNE integrated partner. With the TUNE and Kochava integration, you can accurately measure mobile app conversions coming through your partner marketing campaigns and ensure the related mobile app data is passed back to TUNE.

Enable the Integration

To enable the integration, go into your Kochava dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired Account and App.

  2. Select Apps & Assets > Partner Configuration.
    Kochava Step 2
  3. Click Add a Configuration.
    Kochava Step 3
  4. Type in TUNE as the Media Partner, select “TUNE”, and click Go.
    Kochava Step 4

Configure Install Tracking

After pressing Go, you will need to configure the integration for tracking installs by following these steps:

  1. After pressing Go you will be taken to the Postback page, where you can review all postbacks that are configured for that specific app.

  2. Go to the menu dropdown for the Install Postback and click Edit.
    Kochava Install Step 2
  3. Enter your full TUNE tracking domain (such as “”) in the TUNE Tracking ID field and press save.
    Kochava Install Step 3
  4. You are now set to use the integration for tracking app installs. The postback URL will be pre-configured by Kochava as part of the integration with TUNE.

Create Your Offer

The following assumes you know how to create and retrieve your Kochava Tracking URL. Full documentation about how to do this can be found here. The following steps focus on only the pertinent steps related to the TUNE integration.

To use the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Go the Campaign Manager in Kochava for the applicable app.
    Kochava Offer Step 1
  2. In the Campaign Manager page, click Add a Tracker.
    Kochava Offer Step 2
  3. When you create your New Tracker, add TUNE as the Media Partner.
    Kochava Offer Step 3
  4. After creating the tracker, configuring it, and pressing save, you will need to copy the Click URL.
    Kochava Offer Step 4
  5. Go into your TUNE platform and paste the Kochava click URL as the Default Offer URL for the desired TUNE offer.

  6. You’re all done! Share this Offer with your partners, and traffic will be directed to the Kochava link that will be able to measure installs and reengagement for your mobile app.

Configure In-App Event Tracking (Optional)

To configure the integration for tracking in-app events, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Postback page for your specific app.

  2. Go to the menu dropdown for the In-App Event that you would like to configure and click Create.
    Kochava In-App Step 2
  3. On the Edit Postback screen you will need to input your TUNE Goal ID in the Goal ID field.