Managing Mobile Offers with Appsflyer

For iOS 14 instructions, see Advanced Privacy Mode Support.

This article is intended for customers interested in driving mobile app conversions and have the AppsFlyer SDK installed in their app. AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, and is a TUNE integrated partner. With the TUNE and AppsFlyer integration, you can accurately measure mobile app conversions coming through your partner marketing campaigns and ensure the related mobile app data is passed back to TUNE.

Enable the Integration in AppsFlyer

  1. Log in to your AppsFlyer dashboard for your app and navigate to Configuration > Integrated Partners.
  2. Enter “TUNE” in the search field and click Edit to open TUNE’s configuration window.
  3. Toggle the Activate Partner switch to activate TUNE as a partner. The toggle must be left on for as long as you would like to use this integration.
  4. Enter your TUNE Network ID in the Custom_TUNE_tracking_domain field.
  5. Click Save Integration.

Generate an Attribution Link

  1. Click the Attribution Link tab to open it.
  2. Confirm the Click-Through Lookback Window is the desired length (it is 7 days by default).
  3. Click the Copy button in the Click Attribution Link field to copy it to the clipboard.

Create an Offer in TUNE

  1. In TUNE, navigate to Offers > Create Offer
  2. Paste the AppsFlyer link from the previous step in the Default Offer URL field.
  1. Select “Server Postback w/ Transaction ID” from the Conversion Tracking dropdown.
  2. If you want to track post-install events for your offer, scroll down to the Goals section and select “Enabled” from the Multiple Conversion Goals dropdown. Give your default goal a name (usually “Install”).
Appsflyer Edit Goals
  1. Follow the steps in our Creating an Offer article to fill out the rest of the offer’s details.
  2. Click Add Offer.

If you are only tracking installs for this offer, you are all done. Appsflyer will send automatic postbacks to TUNE for installs. If you would like to configure additional goals for in-app events, please continue to the next step.

Configure Additional Goals in TUNE (Optional)

  1. Navigate to the offer you just created, then click Add Goal in the Goals panel.
  2. Name your goal (such as “Open” or “Account Created”).
  3. As before, select “Server Postback w/ Transaction ID” from the Conversion Tracking dropdown.
  4. Fill out any other optional info you want to add to the goal, then click Add Goal.
  5. Repeat this process for any other events you want to track, then make note of the Goal ID for each goal you just created.
  6. Back on the offer page, in the Details panel, click Edit.
  7. Append the following parameter for each goal to the Default Offer URL: &goalid_1= followed by the Goal ID. Increment the number after “goalid_” for each one. For example, if your offer has two goals and the IDs are “48” and “50”, you would append &goalid_1=48&goalid_2=50 to the end of your default offer URL.
  8. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Here’s an example of a properly formatted default offer URL with goals appended:{affiliate_id}&af_c_id={offer_id}&af_ad_id={offer_file_id}&af_sub5={offer_id}&pid=hasoffers_int&af_click_lookback=7d&clickid={transaction_id}&idfa={ios_ifa}&advertiser_id={google_aid}&goalid_1=48&goalid_2=50

Configure Additional Goals in AppsFlyer (Optional)

  1. On the Integration tab for TUNE, enable the toggle for In-App Events Postback.
  2. Click Add Event and choose the desired in-app event from the SDK Event Name list.
  3. Type or copy/paste the following snippet into the Partner Event Identifier field: $$click(goalid_1).
  4. Repeat this process for each goal you created in TUNE, incrementing the number after “goalid_” as before.
  5. Click Save Integration to confirm your changes.
Appsflyer In App Events

Congratulations, you are all set! AppsFlyer will now send postbacks for each in-app event.

Advanced Privacy Mode Support

Beginning with iOS 14, Appsflyer is offering two data sharing options to advertisers using their SDK for attribution: Regular Mode (Default) and Advanced Privacy Mode. Before launching any offers with advertisers using Appsflyer, be sure to ask them which data sharing option they are using.

In Regular Mode, no updates need to be made for iOS 14. The process outlined above will function as stated.

In Advanced Privacy Mode, Appsflyer will no longer pass back any click IDs in their postback. TUNE’s server postback tracking with transaction ID method will not work with Advanced Privacy Mode, so postback tracking with partner ID must be used instead.

If the advertiser chooses Advanced Privacy Mode in Appsflyer, then postback tracking with partner ID will be used for opted-out end users and postback w/ transaction ID will be used for opted-in end users. Thus, in TUNE, you must disable the “Enforce Tracking Protocol” setting to allow both types of postbacks to be used.

Universal Links via OneLink

To support universal links with TUNE and AppsFlyer, you must first create a OneLink in AppsFlyer by following their help article: You’ll also need to enable Advanced Privacy Mode for the integration using the steps above.

Once that has been done, follow these steps:

  1. In AppsFlyer, navigate to Configuration > Integrated Partners > TUNE, and then click the Attribution Link tab.
  2. Enable the Retargeting switch, then select OneLink and choose the OneLink you just created from the dropdown.
  3. Finish configuring your link as desired, then copy it to the clipboard.
  4. In TUNE, create a new offer.
  5. Choose “Server Postback w/ Partner ID” from the Conversion Tracking dropdown.
  6. Select “AppsFlyer” from the Universal Link Platform dropdown*.
  7. Paste your link in the Default Offer URL field.
  8. Finish configuring your offer as desired and click Save.

That’s it! Now, when partners generate a tracking link, it will be the AppsFlyer OneLink with fields appended to send a server-side click to TUNE automatically.