Managing Invoices in TUNE Pay

In TUNE Pay, invoices are documents that communicate a payable or receivable balance to partners and advertisers you work with. TUNE Pay automatically generates partner and advertiser invoices for conversions tracked in TUNE, but you can customize or manually create invoices as well.

Invoice Types

Invoices in TUNE Pay are either created for partners or advertisers. Invoices created for a partner communicate the amounts payable to the partner by account, and invoices created for an advertiser communicate the amounts receivable from the advertiser by account.

When an invoice is created, you can find it in the main navigation section that matches the invoice recipient. For example, invoices representing outstanding payables to a partner appear in Partners > Invoices.

TUNE Pay Partner Invoices

Invoice Statuses

Invoices and payments are closely tied together in TUNE Pay. The following statuses are available for invoices:

  • Draft: Newly created invoices begin with this status, and invoices can only be edited while in this status. To return an invoice to this status, click Rollback on an invoice page.
  • Unapproved: Invoices submitted for approval move to this status—directors and administrators can then verify and approve the invoice.
  • Approved: Invoices that receive approval move to this status— approved partner invoices are automatically grouped into payment orders by partner and payment method. Finance managers and administrators can then confirm and release funds for payment.
  • Paid: Invoices with confirmed payments move to this status. Paid invoices can no longer be rolled back to make edits.

TUNE Pay Partner Invoice

Tip: Invoices are typically in “Draft” status while account managers add line items, work with contacts to reconcile differences in payment expectations, or otherwise edit the invoice.

You can adjust billing settings in your account to require fewer approval steps for your business or even let TUNE Pay automatically approve all your invoices. This can help streamline the approval process for those with smaller teams.

Joined Payables & Joined Receivables

TUNE Pay accounts that manage both partners and advertisers also have some supplemental information in all of their invoicing—joined payables and joined receivables.

A joined payable is an invoiced or uninvoiced conversion that leads to an outgoing payment to a partner. A joined receivable is an invoiced or uninvoiced conversion that leads to an incoming payment from an advertiser.

If a conversion affects invoices for both an advertiser and a partner, then its progress is tracked in the “Joined Payables” or “Joined Receivables” column of the corresponding invoices. This is helpful to know so you can appropriately time outgoing payments with matching incoming funds.

Invoice Items & Joined Receivables

For example, you promoted an offer for an advertiser, and you have a partner who helped you promote that offer. Conversions you invoice to your advertiser appear in TUNE Pay as joined receivables for the invoiced and uninvoiced payables to that partner. When the status of your advertiser invoice progresses, then those joined receivables change to reflect the status of the connected invoice.

Creating Invoices

TUNE Pay includes two main methods of creating invoices: automatic and manual. You can expect automatic invoice generation to serve the vast majority of your needs, with manual invoice generation being most useful for cases where payment must happen off-schedule. Generated invoices always list the payment method set for the partner or advertiser.

Automatic invoice generation happens for each individual partner and advertiser based on their billing frequency (adjustable on the details page):

TUNE Pay Partner Billing Settings

Billing happens each Sunday (weekly), 15th of the month (bimonthly), and at the end of the month (monthly). Account administrators can also add an offset to invoice generation in the Billing tab of Settings > Account Settings.

To manually generate a partner invoice, go to Partners > Unbilled Items. Here you can select conversions by partner and offer to include in an invoice. Once you’ve selected one or more uninvoiced payables, click New Invoice to create the invoice in the “Draft” status. You can click the name of your invoice in the confirmation notice to immediately view it.

To manually generate an advertiser invoice, go to Advertisers > Uninvoiced Items. Here you can select conversions by advertiser and offer to include in an invoice. Once you’ve selected one or more uninvoiced receivables, click New Invoice to create the invoice in the “Draft” status. You can click the name of your invoice in the confirmation notice to immediately view it.

Editing Invoices

Once an invoice is created in TUNE Pay, you can make changes to it as long as it’s in the “Draft” status. Most importantly you can refresh, add, or remove line items from invoices in the Items section, and you can also change the payment method listed in the invoice. To modify invoices that aren’t in the “Draft” status, you must first roll back the invoice to a draft.

Invoices are communicating a balance for services rendered in TUNE Marketing platform. The following actions are available for each line item synchronized from TUNE:

  • Refresh: Synchronize data for a line item with TUNE (action available only when conversion data changes)
  • Remove: Remove a line item from the invoice. When removing an item from an invoice, it returns to the list of all uninvoiced items in the Uninvoiced Items section.
  • Mark as Ignored: Remove a line item from the invoice and mark it as ignored. TUNE Pay hides ignored items in lists of uninvoiced items.

TUNE Pay Invoice Items Customized

New items don’t need to be tied to any conversions, and they can be used to include additional services or fees. To add a new line item, click the Add new item button in the Invoiced Items section. Enter the details for your new line item and click the Apply changes checkmark to save it.

In the Uninvoiced Items section, TUNE Pay lists other conversions for the same partner that aren’t included in any invoices. You can include these in the current invoice or add them to another invoice at your convenience.

Bulk Actions

You can approve, rollback and delete invoices in bulk on a table with invoices list. Simply check the invoices in the table and click a corresponding action button. After a batch of invoices is processed TUNE Pay will show you a report on which invoices statuses were changed.