Managing Employees in TUNE Pay

Employees in TUNE Pay are accounts created for people who work at your company. Each employee has their own login credentials, and is assigned a role on creation. The role of an employee determines what they can do in TUNE Pay. Employees can view their role at any time by clicking their name > My Profile in the page header.

Employees with the “Administrator” role can see a list of all employees by going to Settings > Employees.

Employee Roles

Each employee role has permission to do different things in TUNE Pay. We recommend assigning roles to employees based on the amount of access you want to give them:

  • Partner Manager: View and edit account and invoice information for partners assigned to them in TUNE Pay.
  • Partner Director: View and edit account and invoice information for all partners in TUNE Pay. Assign partner accounts to partner managers.
  • Advertiser Manager: View and edit account and invoice information for advertisers assigned to them in TUNE Pay.
  • Advertiser Director: View and edit account and invoice information for all advertisers in TUNE Pay. Assign advertiser accounts to advertiser managers.
  • Finance Manager: View and edit payment and invoice information in TUNE Pay. View details about partner and advertiser accounts.
  • Administrator: Has all the permissions of other roles. View and edit TUNE Pay settings and employee users. Create and edit company legal entities.

One common workflow is for partner/advertiser managers to perform the initial reconciliation of conversions with their accounts, then submitting the results to directors for approval. Another common workflow is for finance managers to manage payment orders after invoices have been approved.

In general, these processes center around generating invoices and managing payments. You can implement them in TUNE Pay using a combination of employee roles and account settings.

Creating an Employee

To create an employee, go to Settings > Employees and click + New Employee. Then enter details about the employee like their name, email address, and role.

We recommend generating a randomized password and opting to send them an email about the registration. Doing so lets the employee log in directly from their email inbox before needing to change their password.

Employee Sync between TUNE & TUNE Pay

Employees you create in TUNE Pay are also created in TUNE. However, employees created in TUNE won’t have any permissions in TUNE Pay until they are assigned. TUNE Pay does not sync employees roles and permissions between with TUNE.

Updating Employee Details

To update an employee’s details, go to Settings > Employees and click the employee’s name. Then on the employee’s page, click Edit Details. Changes to employee details in TUNE Pay are also reflected in TUNE.

Note: If you set an employee’s status to “Disabled” in TUNE Pay, then their status is set to “Deleted” in TUNE.