Limit Conversions by Unique ID

You can handle conversion attribution and de-duplication using your own criteria with the Limit Conversion by Unique ID setting. Conversions with the same unique ID are rejected as duplicates by TUNE. This feature can be used with any conversion tracking protocol.

Unique IDs are passed through conversion requests, are global within your network, and do not expire. Once one is used, it cannot be used again to generate another conversion on any offer. Some ways to make unique IDs are to include values like mobile device IDs or e-commerce order numbers.

Enabling this Feature

To turn Unique IDs on, go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Tracking. Then, set Limit Conversion by Unique ID to “Enabled”.

Important: When enabled, this feature becomes the sole method of conversion de-duplication. Conversions with different unique IDs and the same transaction ID are not rejected as duplicates.

Tracking with Unique IDs

To track with unique IDs, append the conversion_unique_id parameter to the end of your conversion URLs. Here, we added this parameter with a placeholder value:

Because unique IDs don’t expire, we recommend including date/time values to account for various time frames. For example, if you want to limit something to one conversion per year, you could include the current year to its conversion_unique_id value:

In the Conversion Report

Both approved and rejected conversions appear in the Conversion Report. Conversions rejected due to duplicate unique IDs have this information captured in the “Status Message” column. Here, three conversions with the same unique ID are pictured in the Conversion Report: