Working with LimeLight CRM

You can incentivize your products managed with LimeLight CRM by integrating it with your own TUNE partner program. The steps below will allow sales recorded by Limelight CRM to also be recorded in your TUNE partner program.

Set Offer Up in TUNE

Create a new offer in your TUNE partner program. When inputting the offer URL—the landing page that users will be directed to—you need to include three TUNE variables:

  • {offer_id} – ID of the offer in TUNE
  • {affiliate_id} – ID of the partner promoting the product in TUNE
  • {transaction_id} – ID of the tracking session for a specific user

Example offer URL with TUNE variables:{offer_id}&AFID={affiliate_id}&click_id={transaction_id}

When a user clicks on a tracking link, TUNE will replace the variables and redirect the user such as:

Second, set the Conversion Tracking protocol for the offer to be Server Postback with Transaction ID.

Conversion Postback URL Implementation

Since the offer is set to use the Conversion Tracking protocol of Server Postback with Transaction ID, you need to set this in Limelight CRM. In your LimeLight CRM account, click Edit on the campaign. Then in Post Back URL field, you’ll need to enter the Conversion Postback URL from the offer in TUNE.

This is an example of a conversion postback URL from an offer in TUNE to set as the Post Back URL in LimeLight CRM.{click_id}&adv_sub={order_id}

If the payout or revenue type is set to a % of the sale, then you can pass in the total order amount into the postback URL like this:{click_id}&adv_sub={order_id}&amount={order_total}