Integrating with Leverate

If you’re a TUNE customer looking to connect your offers with Leverate, it’s only a few steps away. Once the integration is complete, Leverate handles your server postbacks and reporting becomes consistent across the two platforms.

This feature is available to enterprise accounts only.

1. Create an Offer

In TUNE, create an offer using the “Server Postback w/ Transaction ID” tracking protocol.

2. Set Up Offer Goals

Once the offer has been created, set up six offer goals for it. Use the “Server Postback w/ Transaction ID” tracking protocol for each goal, and give them the following names:

  1. Default
  2. Create Account
  3. First Deposit
  4. New TP Account
  5. Recurring Deposit
  6. Trading Position

For the Trading Position goal, set Revenue to “RPS” and Payout to “CPS”. Once all your offer goals have been created, the Payout panel for your offer will look something like this:

3. Gather Information from TUNE

Next, gather the following information in preparation for contacting your Leverate account manager:

  • Offer goal IDs
  • Tracking domain

To find the offer goal IDs in TUNE, start by going to the offer’s page. In the Payout panel, click Manage Goals. On the page that appears, the IDs for your offer goals are listed in the ID column:

To find your tracking domain in TUNE, go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Domain. In the Tracking Domain section, find the Custom Tracking Domain field. If this field has a value, then that value is your domain.

If this field is blank, then your domain can be found below it, after “Add the following CNAME:”.

4. Contact Leverate Account Manager

Next, contact your account manager at Leverate. When speaking with them, ask to activate the TUNE integration using last-click attribution. Then, provide your account manager with the offer goal IDs and tracking domain from the previous step.

Setting up Leverate with last-click attribution and information from your TUNE platform ensures that reporting is consistent across both platforms.

5. Using Transaction ID with Leverate

Finally, you can set up TUNE to pass transaction ID information to Leverate. To do so, add the transaction_id field to the default offer URL for your offer. For TUNE to automatically populate this field, use the {transaction_id} macro as its value. Your default offer URL then looks something like this:{transaction_id}

Now in the Leverate interface, use the TUNE transaction ID for the “Partner Transaction ID” field. Once you’re finished, test your offer to make sure that conversions are firing properly.

Having Trouble?

For additional help setting up the TUNE integration with Leverate, contact your Leverate account manager.