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TUNE Server Uptime Status

You can view real-time statuses of all our systems here: TUNE Server Uptime

TUNE Status monitors our main application and tracking server deployments in our various data facilities. It shows real-time availability, up-time, and performance of several monitors.

Privacy Policy & Cookies

The tools and templates presented are not and should not be construed as legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current, and is subject to change without notice. The tools and template(s) are not for the purpose of providing legal advice or legal opinions on specific facts or circumstances. Users should consult an attorney and not rely on any information contained herein regarding any specific situation.

All data collected in your TUNE account is yours. This includes all partner information, financial info, statistics, and offers.

TUNE built a feature set to enable your partner program to notify users concerning the use of cookies. The feature set includes:

  • Privacy Policy for Clients
  • Notification and Acceptance of Cookies

Privacy Policy for Clients

TUNE provides you, as a TUNE client, with a page for your own privacy policy for partners and advertisers. TUNE provides a template Privacy Policy. However, you should consult with your own legal counsel to verify it covers your unique business.

The Privacy Policy is displayed as a link in the navigation bar under the Support tab of the partner and advertiser interfaces. A link will also be displayed on the login page as well as in the Notification and Acceptance of Cookies. This way partners and advertisers can easily reference your Privacy Policy.

You can edit your Privacy Policy from the admin interface under the Company tab and select Customize Application. In the Content panel, select Privacy Policy. In the input box, you can input your content which can include HTML formatting. For security purposes, the embed, object, and script HTML tags are not displayed or rendered in the TUNE application.

The published Privacy Policy page is located on your application domain root at privacy_policy. Example Privacy Policy:

Notification and Acceptance of Cookies

In accordance with various regulations, specifically in the EU, you must notify users about your use of cookies and those users must give informed consent to use them. Since the application contains sensitive information, cookies are required for authentication and use of the application.

The Notification and Acceptance of Cookies is disabled by default. You can enable the feature by selecting Customize Application from the Company tab. In the Settings panel, click the Application link. At the bottom of the Application Settings page, select Enabled next to EU Cookie Compliance.

With EU Cookie Compliance enabled, the Notification and Acceptance of Cookies works like this:

  1. When a user arrives at the application, the user’s IP address is used to look up their country
  2. If the user is located within the EU, the Notification and Acceptance of Cookies is displayed.
  3. The application checks to see if the user has an EU cookie set to verify previous informed consent.
  4. If the user does not have the EU cookie, display notification at top of page for Privacy and Cookie Information:
    1. The user is required to read the Privacy Policy and agree to it.
    2. The user is also required to agree to accept cookies.
    3. Once the user accepts cookies, the application sets the EU cookie to expire in 1 year.
  5. When the user returns and the user has the EU cookie set, the notification is hidden.

Note: After enabling EU Cookie Compliance, any user who visits from an IP that cannot be geo-located will see the Notification and Acceptance of Cookies message, regardless of their actual physical location.

The Notification and Acceptance of Cookies must be completed in order for partners or advertisers to login or sign up.