Integrating With Another TUNE Network

When tracking between two TUNE networks, both networks pass and store data using TUNE parameters and macros. In general, there are two ways the systems could be set up:

  1. You broker the offer from another network (you are their partner)
  2. They broker the offer from you (they are your partner)

You Are Their Partner

First, set up the offer using the “Server Postback with Transaction ID” tracking protocol, using the tracking link from their platform. Include the {transaction_id} macro. Your default offer URL field should look something like this:{transaction_id}

Then, give them the global postback URL from your platform. Include the transaction_id parameter. Your URL should then look something like this:{aff_click_id}

Once they place this in their platform, the offer should be ready for testing.

They Are Your Partner

If another TUNE network wants to broker one of your offers, they first need to add your partner tracking link as their default offer URL. Here’s how it should look in their platform:{transaction_id}

Next, add their server postback to your list of Conversion Pixels/URLs (Partners > Conversion Pixels / URLs > Add New). Their postback should look something like this:{aff_click_id}