TUNE Billing Policies

TUNE is billed on a subscription basis. The subscription is billed in advance, while usage is billed in arrears. Your credit card will be charged on the first day of each month (unless the first falls on a weekend).

All cancellation requests must be received prior to the following month’s bill being issued (i.e. if you wish to cancel, you must do so before the first of the following month). We cannot cancel accounts retroactively.

For new customers, your first invoice is automatically generated after your 30-day trial. It is prorated to cover the remaining days in the month and to align your billing to a calendar-month cycle. All invoices thereafter are generated on the 1st of the month. We bill in whole-month increments only, with the exception of your first invoice or for account reactivation.

Customers on Contract: Your contract’s terms supersede these policies. Refer to your contract for details.

Free Trial Policy

Each new TUNE customer that is governed by the online agreement is eligible for one free trial only, regardless of the number of accounts a customer opens.

Payment Terms

Payment is processed when the invoice is generated and is otherwise due upon receipt.

Customers requesting NET payment terms are subject to credit check. We reserve the right to approve or deny any such request at our discretion.

Payment Methods

To subscribe to our monthly services, we require a valid credit card on file that is used to process your monthly invoices. Amounts owed are charged to the card on file unless you request, and we approve, a wire transfer or ACH payment method.

Wire Transfer Fee Policy

All TUNE customers are responsible for any and all fees associated with sending a wire from the originating bank. TUNE absorbs the portion of the wire transfer fee charged by its bank or any intermediate bank(s) associated with receipt of the wire payment. The amount owed must arrive at our bank in full. The customer is responsible for any debt resulting from currency exchange and understands that any unpaid balance will be carried over to their next invoice.

Upgrade Policy

All customers who signed up for the services online are governed by the online agreement and have the ability to upgrade their account at any time. To do so, go to Support > Upgrade in your TUNE network.

Upon upgrading your account, you agree to be charged for the difference between the Pro and Enterprise edition subscription fees. Upon upgrading, your account is immediately updated to the new Enterprise overage threshold. Customers on contract can submit an upgrade request by contacting their account manager.

Downgrade Policy

If your account was created via online sign-up and you do not have a custom contract, you can downgrade your account at any time by contacting your account manager.

Downgrade requests are honored upon our receiving them. Billing is affected on the start of the next billing cycle; we do not prorate accounts or provide refunds for time between downgrade and the start of the next cycle.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

All customers who signed up for the services online are governed by the online agreement and have the ability to cancel their account at any time. Instructions to do so are on our Billing FAQ article.

To prevent future billing on your account, you must complete your cancellation before the first of the upcoming month. You may also submit a cancellation request to support@tune.com. Please note that since you may cancel your account at any time, we do not provide refunds. We bill in arrears for your usage and in advance for your monthly subscription fee.