Platform Basics

Become comfortable with TUNE by learning the essentials: how to create and manage offers, advertisers, and partners.

Offers & Tracking

Create an offer
Take it step by step, from entering offer details to testing your conversion link.
Creating an Offer

Create tracking links for partners
Store additional information as parameters in the tracking links.
➢ Generating Tracking Links

Give more conversion data to partners
Set up partner-facing pixel codes and postback URLs.
Partner Conversion Links

Working on a budget?
Set offer caps to limit conversions, payouts, or revenues on any given offer.
Conversion & Budget Caps for Offers

Constructing URLs

Dynamically send & receive measurement data
Learn to implement parameters & macros properly in TUNE.
➢ How Parameters & Macros Work

Tracking link parameters
Get a full list of available parameters and learn to format the URL you provide to partners.
➢ Customizing a Partner Tracking Link

Get more information on conversions
Get a full list of available parameters and learn to format the URL you provide to advertisers.
Customizing a Conversion Link

Provide your advertiser with click data
Use these macros to dynamically send data to your advertiser on click.
Passing Values to an Offer URL

Forward conversion information to your partners
Use these macros to dynamically send data to your partner on conversion.
Passing Values to a Partner Conversion Link

Maintaining Partners

Assign partners to groups
Specify group payouts based on targeting, session criteria, or other advanced rules.
Payout & Revenue Groups

Incentivize high performing partners
Customize payouts, set partner-specific caps, and redirect users when those caps are reached.
Partner-Specific Payouts & Caps