Geotargeting for Pro Accounts

This article covers how to add and modify geotargeting settings with pro accounts. See our main Geotargeting article for how geotargeting works and how to test geotargeting.

Geotargeting by Country

To setup targeting at by the country and state/region level, go to the offer page and click Edit in the Targeting section.


Right under the Groups set icon you will see Geotargeting field that shows a list of countries to select from. Select the desired countries and click the Add >> button and this will move the countries to the selected list. Once you have added all the desired countries to the offer, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Note: To select multiple entries in a list, click on the first one you want as normal, then hold the Control key while clicking on other entries (for Windows) or the Command key while clicking on other entries (for OS X).

Geotargeting by State or Region

At this point, the offer is setup to target the selected countries, but you have the option to drill down the traffic even further to a specific region within that country. Once you have added the countries in the Geotargeting field, another set of lists will appear for each country selected to let you specify which regions you want to target to. By default, they are set to target all regions within that country, so if you want to select specific regions, click on the desired regions and click Add >> for that country and they will be moved into the selected field. Once you have selected all the desired regions, click Save at the bottom of the page.

One thing to note about regions is if you specify certain regions for that offer, users that click through from that specific country but not that region will not be redirected through to the offer.

Enforcing Geotargeting

Important: To use geotargeting to completely prevent users from outside of a region access to an offer, you must have the Enforce Geo Targeting setting set to “Enabled”. See The Flow of Geotargeting above.

One mistake some clients encounter when activating geotargeting on their offers is setting the countries for the offer without setting Enforce Geo Targeting to “Enabled”. By default, the setting is “Disabled”. Once you set this setting to “Enabled”, the geotargeting is strictly applied to your offer.