Fraud Fighting Overview

TUNE processes a massive number of clicks, conversions, and partner program applications from all over the world. We monitor and address fraud so you can stay safe from bad actors of all kinds. Here’s a description of the fraud features in your platform, so you know what’s available to fight fraud of various types from start to finish.

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Guard Against Fake Leads & Sign-Ups

You want to keep fake leads and bad actors out of your partner program, and we do too. TUNE strives to prevent them from becoming partners in your platform, even before their applications come to you. Powered by E-HAWK, TUNE automatically validates and scores every applicant to your partner program, rejecting those with high risk scores.

We determine partner profile fraud based on data provided by the applicant and any emergent connections to phishing, botting, spamming, and other fraud types. Not only does this automatic process significantly reduce the number of fraudulent profiles being created, it reduces the amount of manual spam filtering required when you process partner applications.

Keep Traffic Clean

You expect the traffic coming from your partners to be real and compliant to your terms, and TUNE gives you the tools to regulate traffic automatically. Depending on your needs, you can have TUNE react at the partner, traffic source, and even click level.

Preventing Click Fraud

TUNE’s Proactive Click Fraud Prevention constantly flags (and optionally rejects) suspicious clicks. Powered by Fraudlogix, the TUNE fraud database is constantly updated and identifies partner activity fraud of varying severities. Examples of fraud rejected by this setting are bots, automated scripts, bad IP reputation, and traffic coming from data centers.

The Traffic Fraud Report surfaces the portions of your click traffic marked as suspicious due to fraud, aggregated by partner. It’s a great way to see the results of proactive click fraud prevention. Plus, you can dive right into any other preset stats report just by updating filters.

Use the Time-to-Action report to highlight click injection and click spamming fraud. Visualize the time between a conversion and its corresponding click to see outliers in your partner activity.

Enforcing Policy Compliance

TUNE’s performance automation tools are available when you want to set custom thresholds on metrics like conversion rate and profit margin. Get alerts and automatically block specific traffic, all the way down to the offending tracking link. With a robust rule-building workflow, you can use these tools to remove traffic from questionable sub-partners, prevent incent traffic from going to non-incent offers, or even just optimize the profitability of active traffic.

As a backup, you can also use offer disabled links to shut off traffic from individual problematic tracking links. Doing so gives you the freedom to first speak with your partner about the issue, and doesn’t require drastic measures like removing a partner entirely from your program.

Connecting email suppression lists to your platform helps you maintain compliance with CAN-SPAM law. Suppression lists contain all the people who opt out of a mailing list, and providing these to your partners is essential for email marketing campaigns.

Secure Against Postback Fraud

Malicious partners may try to artificially inflate their earnings by faking purchases or lead submissions. When using server postback tracking, you can use the following features to prevent spoofing and accept postbacks only from vetted sources.

Advertiser security tokens set up an extra layer of authentication for conversions. When enabled, TUNE rejects conversions for postbacks that don’t include a security token. Tokens are set up at the advertiser level and applied to all the advertiser’s postback offers.

Similarly, the encrypted conversion tracking setting hashes an offer’s postback URL to mask offer IDs. Conversion requests must then use the encrypted postback URL on conversion, and any conversion requests using the unencrypted version are rejected.

The offer whitelist feature limits the set of IP addresses that a successful postback can be fired from. When this feature is enabled, TUNE rejects any conversions fired from IP addresses not on the whitelist.

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