Exporting Partners

You can export partner information from your network to a comma-separated value (CSV) file in just a few clicks. This can be useful if you want to update partners in bulk or otherwise use that information outside of the platform. Some examples of exported data are partner IDs, statuses, and company names.

How to Export Partners

From the main menu, go to Company > Customize Application > Import Data > Partners. Then in the Download Partner Data section, click Download Partners to begin the download.

List of Exported Fields

The number of partner fields you can export using this tool is slightly smaller than the set of fields you can import. The following table contains all fields exported by the above process:

Column Name Description Possible Values Example
id ID of the partner Numeric ID of partner 1004
address1 Main address Up to 255 characters 123 Demo St.
address2 Secondary address Up to 255 characters Suite 200
city City in address Up to 255 characters Seattle
region State or region in address Up to 255 characters WA
country Country in address Two-letter capital letter country code US
zipcode Zip code of address Valid zip/postal code 98101
company Name of partner/company Up to 255 characters. If partner is an individual, this is usually their first and last name Test Company -or- John Doe
account_manager_id ID of the employee assigned to manage this partner Numeric ID of employee 20
status Status of partner account active, pending, blocked, deleted, or rejected active
phone Phone number of company +(country code + area code + number) +12065181318
fax Fax number of company +(country code + area code + number) +12065181318
signup_ip IP address that the user signed up from 4 Numeric values separated by decimals:
ref_id Reference ID for this partner account in another system Up to 255 characters test123
website Website of company Does not work with “http://” prepended www.example.com
first_name First name of partner Up to 255 characters John
last_name Last name of the partner Up to 255 characters Doe
email Email address of user for the account Any valid email address:
title Job position at company for user Up to 255 characters Media Buyer