Email Notifications

Your TUNE platform (formerly known as HasOffers) comes with a robust email notification system that notifies you or your partners when specific actions are made in your network that are relevant to their activity in the system. You and your partners can manage what email notifications are sent to your email address.

You, other admins, and partners can receive emails for different events in the application, such as when:

  • An offer/partner cap is near being reached
  • A partner reaches a fraud threshold
  • Changes are made to an account
  • Offers are near expiration

Enabling Email Notifications

By default, your network does not send email notifications to admins or partners, with the exception of when Email Templates are used to notify partners/advertisers of the status for their application to your network.

The application does not send email notifications if your network uses the default mail server provided. Email notification settings are not visible in your network unless you have custom SMTP settings applied for your mail server in your TUNE account. Read our Network-Wide Domain Settings article for how to set up the SMTP for your network.

TUNE Email Notification IPs

For internal communications, you may want network employees to prevent their email provider from filtering out emails from TUNE. To do so, have your network employees whitelist the following TUNE IPs in their email provider:


Tip: Partner users can also whitelist these IPs to prevent partner interface email notifications from being filtered out.

Managing Email Notifications

Once you have enabled your SMTP settings, and email tests are successful, you can then manage your email notification preferences by going to Company > My Account. On your account page, find the Settings panel and click Manage Your Email Notification Subscriptions. Here, you can manage the notifications you receive for your account.

All notification options appear for each admin regardless of their user permissions. You can set notifications to be sent when…

  • A partner reaches your profile fraud threshold
  • A partner reaches your activity fraud threshold
  • A partner is blocked due to automated fraud monitoring (manual blocking won’t cause email to be sent)
  • A partner changes account information like their company name, address, or phone number (duplicate emails are sent if the Account Change Notification setting is also enabled)
  • A partner signs up and requires approval
  • An offer reaches a set percentage of its daily or monthly offer cap
  • An offer reaches its daily or monthly cap
  • An offer reaches the number of days after which it expires
  • An offer’s status has been changed from active to paused or deleted, or from paused to active
  • An automation threshold is reached for warning or blocking a partner or source from an offer
  • A scheduled report generated by admin is ready for download

Each of these settings only affects whether the notification is sent via email or not. In-app notifications for these events still appear on the Snapshot page as well as in the Notifications page.

Email Notifications for Partners

Partners also have the option to receive notifications to their email address based on events that are relevant to them. If you have enabled a custom SMTP for your network, your partners will see an option to manage their notifications for emails.

Before partners can manage the emails they receive, employees with global permissions must enable Partner Email Notifications for the partner. To access this, go to Company > Customize Application > SettingsPartner. Set Partner Email Notifications to “Enabled” and click Save once you’re finished.

In the partner interface, your partner can update their email settings at any time by going to My Account > Settings. Here, the partner sees checkboxes to set their own email notification preferences.

All notification options are visible to partner users regardless of their user permissions, but no notifications are sent if the partner does not have the permission for a selectable notification. Partners can choose to be sent notifications when…

  • They reach an automation threshold for being warned or blocked on an offer
  • They reach the daily or monthly partner cap notification threshold for an offer (based on network’s Offer Cap Notification Threshold setting)
  • They approach or reach their daily or monthly partner cap for an offer
  • An offer approaches or reaches its daily or monthly cap
  • An offer reaches its expiration threshold date based on network’s Offer Expiration Threshold setting (Important: Partners who select this option see notifications for all offers, not only those they’ve run traffic to)
  • An offer that the partner has run traffic to within the last seven days changes in status
  • A relevant custom partner payout or the payout for a payout & revenue group is changed
  • They are approved for an offer
  • One of their invoices has been marked as paid

Note: The system sweeps for changes every three hours, so a partner may not get a notice for up to three hours at a time.